Giveaway: Little Knitted Bunny for St Patrick’s Day


Today is St Patrick’s Day… and although I’m not from Ireland, my stitching grandmother was – she had the very Irish name of Mary McDowell.  Her family settled in England in the early 1900’s when she was a young child.  She met and fell in love with my grandfather before the First World War but before they could marry he was sent to the trenches of Flanders.  In 1916 she received an official telegram notifying her that he was missing, presumed dead and she grieved for him for 12 long months before she received further notification that in fact he had been injured and was now in a prisoner of war camp.  Imagine how she must have felt!  They married upon his return and were together for 30 years before her tragically early death in the 1950s. 

I never met Mary, but my own Mum (her daughter) told me many stories about her – she was an accomplished seamstress and needlewoman, skills that were in great demand in World War 2, and the era of “make do and mend.”  She passed her talent and store of stitching knowledge onto my Mum who in turn taught me to sew – and I still have one or two examples of her work tucked away.

So I thought it would be a great idea to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a giveaway – one of my little knitted bunnies.  Above you see Teasel, dressed in a suitably coloured jumper of Irish green.  But if he’s going to be a St Patrick’s giveaway I feel he should have an Irish name.   If you’d like the opportunity to win him, then please leave a comment below and – just for fun – please suggest a new Irish name for him.  The winner will be chosen by random selection and yes, I will post overseas.  The draw will close at midnight GMT tomorrow Sunday, 18 March.  Good luck everyone!!


  1. Cute little bunny! I would call him Seamus O’Hare….

    …yes, I know he’s a rabbit, not a hare, but who (c)hares…

  2. Hello….
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this adorable bunny….
    I am mostly Irish and I loved the story about your grandmother.
    It is wonderful to hear those stories about our family, isn’t it?
    The Bunny would have to be named Danny Boy….after the wonderful
    Irish song.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and a “top of the mornin” too!!!!!!!!

  3. Bernadette Jee says:

    I think Finnigan would suite your Irish Bunny

  4. Jean Della Vecchia says:

    He is so cute. I like the name Brendan Bunny.

  5. How dreadful to have to live with such dreadful news for a year! although imagine how wonderful to find out that in fact he was still alive. An amazing story. I love your bunny, he is a real cutie. My choice of name would be Shamus x Sue x

  6. What an absolutely adorable bunny!! I would love to win it but if not, I will buy the pattern. That’s for sure! As always I love your designs. Please go on designing!

    Greetings from Holland,
    Annemie 🙂

  7. I think he’s absolutely adorable. Charming Paddy is what I would call him.

  8. How sweet! Happy St. Patrick’s day to you and thank you for being so generous! I think a good name for him would be Brogan (St. Brogan was a scribe to St. Patrick) Have a lovely weekend and thank you from Michigan!

  9. He is beautiful! Such a sweet face.
    How about Shamus?
    My little granddaughter would love to cuddle him!

  10. I love that story! Thanks for sharing! And the bunny is sooo cute! How about Mr. O’ Malley? Happy St. Patrick’s day to you!

  11. Karen Donovan says:

    Hi Helen – LOVE LOVE your blog! I recommend the name of Ian. That’s my father’s name, a first generation Irish-American! His mother emigrated from Leeds & his father from Dublin (FYI my mother’s family also came over from Ireland). Ian is such a beautiful sounding name. I’ve always thought it is a down to earth, sensible name, even just a tad “bookish” (or “nerdy”!). The vest your rabbit is wearing lends him the air of a sensible even scholarly fellow! Cheers & Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Jacksonville FL!

  12. Patricia Taylor says:

    What a cute little rabbit.
    My name for him would be Blarney

  13. So cute and would love to win this adorable rabbit! Would have to name him Padraic O’Callaghan! Padraic is the Gaelic spelling of Patrick for St. Paddy’s Day and O’Callaghan means bright headed..white on his face and he looks like a very bright fellow!

  14. I Love your grand-mother’s story, this wonderful result is full of hope …
    So I suggest as a name for your knitted bunny : Aingeal, in the memory of this messenger who should have known, your grand-father wasn’t dead!
    Hope I hear good news from you…

  15. What a lovely bunny! Thanks for the giveaway!
    He looks like Sean for me 🙂


  16. Well, goodness; what better name for a St. Patrick’s Day bunny than….Clover?

    Thanks for the chance to win — and Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Adorable! I’ve always loved your little knitted animals 🙂 I suggested “Donagh” (brown warrior” as an Irish name for him. Perhaps a bit fierce for such a gentle-looking soul, but maybe hinting at a brave heart inside!

  18. Colleen Bartell says:

    Love his little sweater. You could call him Sean.

  19. Kate Cooke says:

    I too, learned my sewing and embroidery techniques from my mother. Such a pity that these days unless you have a mother or grandmother to pass on these skills, the opportunity to participate in the gentle, and soothing, art of the needle is very limited. Thank you for your great site. The rabbit could be called Paddy o’Green.

  20. Forgot the name … lol … let’s see .. how about Owen. This means “well born” which I think is absolutely the case. This bunny stole my heart! By the way, I couldn’t find a pattern. Is this available or will it be available in the future?
    Annemie 🙂

  21. Hi
    He’s awfully cute and I think Liam is a lovely name for this little guy. Thank you for the giveaway!

  22. Oh –I know the perfect name for the bunny—O’Harigan! So cute! Love, love bunnies!!

  23. Rita Maynard King says:

    I love your Bunny, and I think you should name him Shawn O’Hare! I also love your emagazine! Have a wonderful day! and I hope I win!!!!!!

  24. Who wouldn’t want to give a new home to this sweet bunny.
    Of course I’m wanting to call him Padraig in honour of the day but
    how about Ronan Rabbit?

  25. Dear Helen, what a love story about your grandparents. The bear is adorable and the only name I can think of “Irish Love”. Have a great day! Annette

  26. Shamrock!!! I think that would be a perfect name for him!
    Happy St Patrick’s Day Helen. 🙂
    Vivienne x

  27. Hi Helen
    What a charmin’ little felllow –
    I would name him Flanigan!
    Enjoy your holiday today.

  28. Oh, SOOO Cute he is!!! I saw these bunnies you made and thought “Way too Cute!!” You inspire me every time I read your magazine, emails, blog. Keep it going..
    His name, but of course, from this Irish gal…what else but, “Peppermint Patty”

  29. Happy St.Patricks Day!! I think Sean would be a great name for this little buny.Thanks for the opportunity:)

  30. leanne plews says:

    hi there
    happy St Patricks Day to you too. love the bunny and i would suggest Aidan as his name. I know this is irish as my son is called Aidan. x x

  31. Teagan is a great Irish name

  32. Pam Bongers says:

    Love the story about your gran.
    Mr. Liam McThumper (a nod to both his Irish and bunny roots), would be my pick for a new name.

  33. Teagan is a good Irish name

  34. Lovely story about your grandmother, thank you for sharing it with us.
    a new name…hmmm…McDowell, of course 🙂

  35. Vanessa Belcher says:

    Enjoyed the story of your Grandmother, and love your work. How about Tater for a name.

    • The name Tater reminded me of a family in my hometown; Grandpa was nick-named Spud, father was Tater, & baby was Tater Tot!

  36. Hi Helen
    I’m Australian but like you I have Irish roots. I would like to name your little rabbit Connor in honour of my mothers family name Connor. The Connors came to Australia to escape the Potato Famine. They thrived here and ended up with a large family.

  37. Blainey Bunny! He’s adorable – love the sweater!

  38. What a dapper little bunny! I think a proper Irish name for him would be Seamus (pronounced Shamus). I would say it rather suits him! Oh, pretty please, let me be the fortunate one to give him a loving home! Have a beauty-full day!

  39. I think he is great and how about the name B McDowell as in Bunny McDowell a very distant relative (lol) A name sake as it is for your family name or Grand Fathers name . Thank You for sharing this opportunity. Sherri

  40. Stephanie Gould says:

    My favourite Irish name for a boy is “Padraic”. It’s the Irish version of Patrick so I think it would be a good name for him on St. Paddy’s Day. 🙂

  41. Lyn Smith says:

    What a cutie. I would love to have him live at my house. Think his name should be Finnigan.

  42. Why not Padraig (aka Patrick)? Perfectly Irish, & perfect for your adorable wee bunny!

  43. Aww he’s so cute. I’d re-name him Blarney. Thx for a chance to win him!

  44. Marcy Mahle says:

    I loved the story about your Grandparents. So very glad it had a happy ending and they were able to share many years happy together. Your little bunny is very cute and I think Danny O’Hoppity would be a fun name.

    • He is a cutie! I would name him Mac Doogle and after he arrives in America you could “google mac google” : )

  45. He is adorable would call him Irish Bailey.

  46. I love that bunny! I think Erinn would be a good name!

    Valerie Bothell

  47. What a adorble Bunny a name is so hard to find maybe he like the name Ian?
    greetings from Holland

  48. He is an adorable little bunny. So of course I’d have to name him Darcy after my own little boy with a Gaelic name!

  49. He’s just adorable! I’d call him Ciaran, though Seamus is a close second!

  50. hallo. I can only danish names. What about PETER? Thats the name of my grandchilds bunny.
    Yours sincerely Kirsten from Denmark.

  51. He is such a cute bunny! I love his little green jumper. The story of your grandparents was wonderful. I love the website, so glad I found it!
    I think he looks like a Seamus (shay-mus)

  52. Betsy Albertson says:

    So cute bunny and story! I love his name as is, but for another name would pick Riley. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  53. I love your bunnies! Seamus would be cute 🙂

  54. oops….I meant “google mac doogle”!!!

  55. Michelle Watkins says:

    I think the name Madigan fits him perfectly. The Irish meaning is actually “little dog” but he looks like a Madigan!
    Sorry to say no Irish blood in my family (Welsh/Yorkshire mix) but nevertheless would still like to win him for my collection.

  56. Terri Sue says:

    i would name him Odhran pronounced o+run. it means dark haired one, and an Odhran was the charioteer for St. Patrick. also what do bunnies do but…………oh, run and run some more

  57. WandaFish says:

    Thanks for sharing the story of your grandparents 🙂

    I like Ruari or Rory Rabbit.

  58. I’ll go with Hoppy McBunny.

  59. Meghan Colleen is my name of choice. Meggie for short. :o) Thank you for sharing!!

  60. He is absolutely adorable! My little would love him! As for a name I would have to go with Patrick Shamrock. He has a “Patrick’s” face.

    Thank you for doing this fun little giveaway!

    Many blessings,

  61. What a cute lovely bunny you made. He seems a little timid to me, so a name like Oisin would suit him. Not the name of a famous fighter or a champion, it wasn’t him. Oisin means small deer. 🙂

  62. Kathi DeSimone says:

    What a beautiful story! I just love to hear tales of true love. Your grandmother sounds like a wonderful woman. I think the darling bunny should be called Duffy. (It’s our dog’s name and he would be flattered!)

  63. Barbara Webster says:

    For me it’s got to be ‘Paddy’ for the sweet little bunny 🙂

  64. Your bunny is adorable. How about naming him Timothy McTeasal.

  65. Oh my! He is gorgeous. I think he looks like a Murphy

  66. Hello,
    I suggest calling him Patrick (after St. Patrick) McDowell (after your grandmother). It may not be very original, but I think it’s a good name. 🙂 He’s so adorable!

  67. in france we don’t have st patrick day but the rabbit is so cute,so I try to win

  68. Anita C. says:

    Adorable bunny! Most of the names I had in mind have already been mentioned, but my favorite name for him is Finnigan O’Hare (or Finn for short). On the whimsical side is Bailey (not sure it’s very Irish, except for the cream of course lol) and Heff (which is not Irish but hey..who knows more about bunnies then he does??).

  69. such a sweet story. I am so glad they found each other again.
    How about Brogan, the bunny?

  70. Barbara Kelly says:

    Your bunny looks like a Finn.

  71. Your little bunny is so sweet. I would name him Ewan O’Grady. Thank you for the generous giveaway. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  72. shannon o says:

    I’d name him Murphy O’Knitten lol

  73. Cathy Brown says:

    I just love your bunny and I loved the story about your Grandmother. How hard it must have been for her to think your Grandfather was dead but what a day it must have been when she found out he was alive. I think your bunny should be named Finnegan. Thanks for the chance to win to him!!

  74. Such a lovely bunnie. I would name him Sean.
    Greetings from germany,


  75. Such a sweet Paddy Bear.

  76. He is of course, Ruaridhi Rabbit!

  77. I think the name of Piaras — (PEER-as or PEE-a-ras) “stone”; Irish form of Peter would suit him. Thank you for the opportunity of naming him

  78. Carol Gregg says:

    How about this sobriquet: MacTavish. The name came to me immediately when I saw his sweet face!


  79. Geraldine Ann Moore says:

    Hello, My son’s birthday is today, I always said he was my lucky charm. I have a new grandbaby being born any day now and her name will be Clover Grace. My 5 year old grandson said to be “Mema did you kown in the middle of Clover’s name is LOVE”. How sweet is that.

  80. karen palen says:

    Oh, what a lovely story and adorable bunny. I am currently quite swept up in all things relating to WWI, and read your story with my own musical accompaniment in my head!! What a colorful, intriguing woman, I am sure there is a lot of her creativity that has been passed on to you! I am “expecting” my first grandchild, a boy, and this little bunny would of course go to live with him, and we would call him Paddy O’Hare!! Thanks for the bright spot in my morning!!!

  81. Chrissie says:

    What a wonderful bunny. If I had to give him a name it would be Darrah the Delightful.

  82. He is so lovely ! I am not sure about what Irish name I can give him, so no cheating , I’d call him Daniel ( that’s my name , Danielle , but I am French ) , and as he is a rabbit , and Irish , I’d call him Daniel Irish Rabbit …. D.I.R ….

  83. Happy St. Patricks day.I love your sweet bunny,I would name him Paddy,of course!lol,juliexoxox

  84. The story of your grandparents is charming. So many of us learned our skills from our mothers and grandmothers before them! I know you will find a good home for your precious bunny, and if he were mine, I would name him Darby. Darby O’Hare.

  85. Marissa Villescas says:

    How about Gilleagán It means little lad. I homeschool my daughter and we were just reading in our history lesson about Flanders Field and the poem that was very popular at the time. What a wonderful and rich history you have. We love your magazine and patterns. Use them for our needlework art projects at school time. Keep up the great work, and Thanks.

  86. What a lovely little bunny! How about ‘Diarmud’,, meaning without enemy,, for a name? Dermot is the english spelling.

  87. You’re nobody ’til some bunny loves you…
    And this is Some Bunny!

  88. Kathleen says:

    What a cutie! I’d name him Bartley Bunny. 🙂

  89. Oops! I forgot to add his first name Braedon “Some Bunny” Bunny.

  90. I’d call him Guiness, ‘cos he is dark brown, cream and gorgeous!

    Ho(a)ppy St Patricks Day.

  91. What an adorable Irish bunny! I think I would call him “Shammy” short for Shamrock.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  92. Happy St Patty’s Day from a half Irish on my mother’s side! I would be thrilled to win Sweet Angus McBunny!! I love these little bunnies–wish I was talented enough to make one.

  93. Terri Kleinberg says:

    What a cutie! He looks like Seamus O’Hare to me. Is there a pattern somewhere?

  94. Jennifer From British Columbia, Canada says:

    Oh my goodness! He’s adorable! When My son was born I was obsessed with bunnies but could never find a boy bunny for him… pink was always the colour for bunnies for some reason :S 🙂

    the first names that popped into my head were:
    Clover or Bailey

  95. He is such a lovely bunny!!!
    What about Bartley? :o)

  96. Hayley Wells says:

    I think Ardal McMurphy is a very fine name for him! He’s a lovely little fella :0)

  97. What a lovely tale about your Grandmother. Thank you for sharing.
    I think he should be called Dublin cos if you put several bunnies together that’s what they would keep doing 🙂
    A x

  98. Hi Helen: Top o’ the morning to ye and thanks for hosting this giveaway. My name would be Dermot O’Hare. Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

  99. He could be called Happy Bunny. He is gorgeous.

  100. What a gorgeous bunny, Ilove reading your blog and reciving your magazine.
    I would love to call him Ryley Rabbit. (ryley means medow in galic)

  101. Hi..please enter me..he is so adorable..I saw them on Etsy
    I would name him Ben..after the old t.v. show Gentle Ben.
    I enjoyed the story of your grandmother…such great history.
    Have a great weekend everyone

    Smiles and huggs

  102. What a wonderful story about your granny! I would call the bunny Galway, as I have had several wonderful holidays there!!

  103. Christine Gibbons says:

    I just love all the wonderful things you make and share with us. The bunny is beautiful and to me he looks like Seamus O’Regan. I can’t wait to see if I win. Also looking forward to the newest issue of your wonderful magazine.

  104. He definitely looks like a Rory Rabbit to me! Hope you are having a great weekend … :0)

  105. Another Bunny, perhaps Spring is nearly here. Lovely,yet sad to hear about your Grandmother. I suggest O’Leary.Good luck everyone.

  106. Hi I love this cute and cuddly bunny I too have some Irish desendants,and in their honour I would like to call him (thats if he comes to live with me)
    Sean O’hare…….

  107. Sandryte says:

    I would name him Kishka 🙂

  108. How cute he is. How about Coinean? Celtic for rabbit.

  109. Lucy Moon says:

    Love him he’s lush!!
    I’d call him Finnegan 🙂

  110. Finn McRabbit (or McBunny) would be a good name (teehee).
    He’s lovely and I’d love to give him a cuddle!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  111. A naming contest – oh what fun!!!! He’s adorable and I think he name should be ‘QUINLAN”

    I researched it and it said: A surname, now an increasingly popular as a given name. From caoindealbhain meaning “gently-shaped, athletic.”

    This little fella looks gently-shaped and athletic to me, doesn’t he?

  112. what an adorable bunny! How about Blarney for his name? He is certainly welcome to come live at my house…

  113. He’s a cutie. I love the name Johnnie O’Fingal, who was a character in a Rose Tremain novel.

  114. Helen Jenkins says:

    I think he would really suit the name Connor. He’s lovely and hope I can give him a home.

  115. So cute! I would call him Flynn.

  116. What a handsome bunny, I would name him Cassidy O’Hare!
    Thanks for the wonderful contest 🙂

  117. Janet S. says:

    I would love to win this lovely rabbit. I am not a knitter, but am a collector of stuffies. I think I would name him “Finnegan.” Thanks for the chance to win.


  118. Paula Mc says:

    How about Seamus or Declan!! Good Irish names!!

  119. Kathie Schleicher says:

    I love your knitted bunnies and this little guy I would love to name Bartley Mac Clancy. I hope I can give him a BIG HUG and a NEW HOME. Thank You so much Helen.

  120. Loved reading the story of your grandparents and so glad that it had a happy ending. I think Ronan would be a great name for your little knitted friend 🙂

  121. Thank you so much for the chance to win your precious bunny. I love your post today. Such a sweet story.

  122. An Irish bunny so sweet would be called Mary (a frequently used and often silent first name) Ryan O’Hare, of course.

  123. Absolutely adorable. I believe he looks like Riley O’Rabbit.

  124. Darlin’ bunny…I would name him Oillin (little sprite) Milish…which means sweet…sweet sprite……

  125. Oh so lovely! Unfortunately i don.t know about Irish names. But I would love to call him Frederic.

  126. So cute! Today is my 29th anniversary! I want him. His name should be Patrick for St. Pattys day.

  127. I would love to call this little guy PUCK. He is darling.

  128. What a nice memory your mother has passed down. I think a suiting name for this adorable bunny would be “Hamish”.

  129. I liked Flanagan from above, o’Malley, Culley, Kevyn, and of course Seamus!

  130. Denise Frederick says:

    I would name him Peter Rabbit from the books I read my grandson. I would gie it to him, Thanks

  131. as lm here one eye on the rugby and one eye on your wonderful bunny!l would go with my grandfathers surname Gogarty! his first name wasnt bad either Percy!! Percy Gogarty distinguished Bunny Supporter of all sports! and all sorts! Maybe he should have been picked for the Olympic mascot! he has far more apeal and character!by the way have subscribed to your mag last week..THANKYOU its so full of nice things and you keep me up to date with whats happening with all your makings its lovely to see you mail arrive in my in box..great job! with bestwishes donna

  132. One year, when I was a nursery school teacher, there was a boy named Teague which means poet or philosopher in Gaelic. There was also a girl named Saoirse which means freedom in Gaelic. They were both adorable, but I’m sure that little girl will be spending a lot of time during her life spelling her name over and over again since it was not pronounced anything likd the way it looked. I think Teague is a great name for your Irish bunny.

  133. You make the cutest darn things and have the best ideas! Love reading your blog. Too many really neat names have already been offered, so will just throw in Patrick O’Bunnikins (or O’Buns for short).

  134. Such a happy ending to your story…the bunny looks like an Oisin (osheen) to me x_

  135. Jan Cole says:

    He is such a sweet bunny…I would call him Danny Boy.
    I am sure your grandmother would be proud of you.

  136. He’s darling! My great-niece would adore him…Mr. Declan McLapin (he’s Irish and French!). Thanks for the chance to win this cutie! (Finnegan IS also quite cute!).

  137. Shari Witt says:

    Greetings from Kentucky, I love following your blog. Thank you for teasing us with little Teasle Bunny. I would just love to win him. I have a little girl bunny and they would be so cute together. I would name him Patrick O’Teasle after his given name and St. Patrick. Have a lovely weekend, Blessings and Peace from Shari Witt

  138. He is cute! How about Keller which means ‘little companion’ if he needs a full name – Keller O’kay!

  139. flowerfriend says:

    A lovely post and a great giveaway. He’s name would have to Ruari Rabbit, named after my 6 year old nephew who would just love him to bits.

  140. I would call him Shamrock!!

    Lovely bunny, and I think this website looks really good!

  141. Dawn Van Horn says:

    Adorable bunny!!

    We named one of our English Cocker Spaniels “Darby Shaw” so I pick Darby!! Can that be a boy or girl’s name?

  142. Such a lovely story about your Grandmother. My Grandfather was Irish and sadly I too never got to meet him as he was killed in WWII, but like you feel ever so proud. It may seem like an obvious choice for bunnie’s name, but I would love to call him Paddy, my Grandfather’s name. Loving all your work, you are a busy bee! Hugs, Catherine x

  143. This little bunny is such a cutie…..Paddy would be a perfect name for him.

  144. What a distinguished little fellow! I believe I’d name him Finnegan!

  145. He is really sweet. I think Finnegan would be a great name for him. My little Irish-Italian redhead would adore him.

  146. maggie smith says:

    Somebody is going to be So lucky!!!
    I’ve been in love with your bunnies – they are just the sweetest!
    He looks like a Fergus to me…..

  147. Thanks for the chance to win! I love him and would name him “Diesel.” I am not sure of the origins of the name, but it’s cute for this little guy!

  148. I’ve recently discovered your work on Pinterest, and it intrigues me. I love your eclectic style. I’ll definitely spend some more time exploring your blog. Your St. Patrick’s Day giveaway is sweet. My suggestion is to name him in honor of your stitching grandmother–Master Hoppity McDowell.

  149. deborahhhs says:

    Hoooooraaaaaaah for St Patrick’s Day!!

    My niece is 8 years old and she still loves her stuffed toys. Her name is Niamh (said n-e-e-v). She’s often called Niamh Sneeze. However, seeing that called the bunny a ‘he’, I’m opting for the name of the saint of the day on which my niece was born … FANAHAN

  150. I used to work with a rather lovely Irish chap called Aedan so that would be my suggestion 🙂 x

  151. Lots of fun names in the comments!
    I choose the name Paddy Mc Luck.
    Please count me in for a chance to win.
    Thank you

  152. He’s is very adorable, I think he should be called Patrick O’Riley…. Very irish sounding to me 😉

  153. I think he is beautiful and Patrick should be his name. Anyone would love to have him.

  154. wow so many entrants with so many names…
    well its hard to come with something original, i also had a great grandma that came all the way from Ireland, apparently she dealt with alot of horses, i think her family were breeders, her name was the lovely Jane Macaffrey. So how about the name ‘MACAFFREY’ x ps lovely post x

  155. He sure is a cute guy. My suggestion – Patrick O’Hare

  156. Isn’t he just adoreable!!!! I would name him Séamus. He looks like a Séamus to me!

  157. Cute bunny, delightful sad-happy story! Would have to call him Mr Finnegan Beginagain. Because that`s what bunnies do!

  158. Lovely little bunny, he looks like a Rodney to me……….

  159. He’s a cute little lubber bunny. If he had to have a Irish name I would call him Patty… Patty O’furniture, because he looks like my friends rabbit of the same name.

  160. S. Smith says:

    So many fabulous names for a wonderful little bunny. How about Cabhan, pronounced Kav-an…meaning the grassy hill or hollow…where one might find a rabbit.

  161. I suggest Stewie, as in Irish Stew.

    Best regards from Holland!


  162. I suggest Stewie, as in Irish Stew.

    Best Regards from Holland,


  163. What a lovely story! My name choice for the cute bunny would be Padraic (or Padraig) after St Patrick

  164. Happy S. Patrick day. Good Luck.
    He is wonderful.
    Finnbar is her name for me.

  165. He most definitely looks like a “Paddy” to me.

  166. Hello Helen,
    ‘Bartley’ is a very early irsh name, Bartley Bunny would suit hime fine!
    I would give him a loving home!

    best wishes,

  167. I would think Finnegan would be a perfect name!

  168. Sandy Todd says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day Helen! Your handsewn rabbit is absolutely lovely!

    In honor of the gentleman in the pub today…Whiskey would be my choice for his name.

  169. Delcia Rosenow says:

    Such a story of courage and hope asks for a name that keeps that memory alive; I choose Malachi O’Reilly. Malachi meaning “my angel; messenger of God” (certainly he was beloved and became a message of joy to her) and Reilly meaning “courageous, valiant” (the courage and valor he possessed to endure as a prisoner of war).

    (I do like the name Teasel you originally named him–have a few of them in an arrangement. They may be prickly, but they seem to sing out amongs the other dry wheat and oats.)

  170. I would love ti win this little bunny. A good name for him would be Tipperary. This is the name for an Irish neighborhood in a city near where I live.

  171. This bunny is so adorable!! I woul call him Brogan…as we have a young friend whose name is the same.

  172. kaitlin(SEWKATE) says:

    I love Irish people, although myself I am not…My children are..If I had to pick a name there are a couple, but I know I will only pick one already, and that would be Cavan, to me that is a nice Irish name..Thank you for letting me name him…Happy St.Pattys day to all…….

  173. Helen, you are so accomplished in so many areas, sigh I sure wish I had paid more attention when my mom tried to teach me. But in all fairness to myself, I had trees to climb and bugs to catch and mud to play in. LOL I love this sweet bunny and surely I must have him so his grand Irish name is
    Connor Carmichael
    after my grandson and my grandmother, yep, we have the green blood in our veins. Thanks for the chance

  174. I love the bunny and I think he should be named Sammy O’Mally

  175. Such a cutie – I’d call him Eire O’Hare. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  176. Diva Silva says:

    I love it, nice sweter! Jack should be a good name for this handsome bunny.

  177. Jennifer Pierce says:

    What a wonderful story about your grandmother, and a fun contest, too! I would call him Liam O’Hare. He is adorable.

  178. What a lovely way to remember your grandmother. I think he should be called Clover because of the Irish Four Leafed Clover – being lucky maybe that will give me some luck in the competition.

  179. Nancy Buttens says:

    Coinín Buttons is what I will name him.

  180. Thanks for sharing your Grandma’s story and it’s happy ending. I love your bunnies and would be overjoyed to give your St Patrick’s Day giveaway a good home… I would call him Calhoun, Irish for ‘resident of the woods’.

  181. Norma Francis says:

    Oh! He would have to be a Paddy! My father is 90 years old – a wonderful man who refused to go into a “Home” and is living on a boat instead!! He tells gorgeous jokes about Paddy and, somehow or other, this little fellow has that mischievious twinkle in his eye that reminds me of Dad’s “Paddy”.

  182. I think I would name him Aaron..Aaron O’Hare…. a bunny who can go here and there… almost anywhere… looking for a free Fare… to to beauty shop to brush his bunny hairs… lol.
    I find a new bunny every year to drop by my grandies house.. they tote him around for days until POOF! he dissappears to deliver Easter cheer… or if they have been bad kids he moves to a good kids house to deliver Easter cheer there…
    thanks for the chance to let him live at our house /… he so adorable and cute story about your grandmother

  183. What a cute bunny! I’d call him Declan Coinín. 🙂

  184. Hi Helen,
    Thank you for sharing all your wonderful and inspirational ideas, not to mention the lovely story of your grandparents.
    I would name the wee rabbit “Herman” – he was the inspiration behind the creation of the House Rabbit Society ( – An international nonprofit organization that rescues rabbits from animal shelters and educates the public on rabbit care and behavior.
    . .and this little chap looks like he deserves a loving home!
    Happy St Paddy’s Day to you all!

  185. Cute bunny! When my son was little, he would say “babbit” instead of bunny or rabbit, so I like the name Bobby McBabbit.

  186. Katherine says:

    Too sweet! Love knitted bunnies 🙂 he looks like a Hopston O’Malley to me!

  187. What a lovely story about your Irish grandmother. I can imagine the amazing feelings of relief to find that your grandfather was still alive. What nicer way to celebrate than with your generous giveaway.
    My immediate thought for this sweet little bunny’s name was used over and over so I just looked at him and asked him for inspiration. He told me his name was Boris Aloysius Rabbit so I thought I had better pass that on to you 🙂
    Many thanks for your generosity.

  188. Robin Peoples says:

    He is adorable and would look wonderful for Easter

  189. He is so cute! I would call him Blarney Bunny!

  190. What a lovely family history you have there!

    Why don’t you keep the lucky McDowell line going…He’s a rabbit obviously made with love, & has all of these admirers & his 4 lucky rabbits feet are still intact! I think Lucky McDowell would be very apt! The luck of the Irish! 🙂

  191. Nikki Pacheco Theard says:

    Ah, such a handsome lad, I’d love to name him Aidan, after my first grandson.

  192. What a lovely story about your grandmother and a very generous giveaway. My grandfather was born in Ireland,and I just love all things Irish! I think Patrick McDowell (Paddy for short) would be the perfect name for this wee fellow and I know a wee baby due in May who will be the perfect recipient for him. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win him and a very happy St Patricks day to you ( we celebrated yesterday here in New Zealand).

  193. rabbitquilter says:

    Ronan Rabbit is SO cute! Thoroughly enjoy your blog and mag!

  194. This little bunny is adorable. If I had the opportunity to name him, I would call him Patric. He would be the cousin of Peter Rabit from Beautrix Potty. They would have many stories to tell over Camille tea. I am enjoying your website and posts. Your work is wonderful. Keep on smiling.

  195. I vote for Peadar (Peter) for obvious reasons. 🙂

  196. What a story about your grandmother! It never amazes me how craft brings generations together.

    My idea for a name is Kyran, which is very similar to mine!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  197. He looks like Patrick O’Hare to me!

  198. He’s a sweet little thing… so he should be named after my sweet son…Danny boy. Thanks for the chance to win him.

  199. I like Shamus O’Miley for indeed, a very cute little bunny boy! Hope he comes to live with us!!

  200. Jasmine patrick says:

    This little bunny is beautiful and I think his name should be Finbarr, it just suits him, he is so lovable

  201. What a lovely story about your grandmother. I would name the cute little guy Conan O’Bunny after my favorite Irish-American.

  202. Thank you for sharing your grandparent’s story, Helen, and the history behind your amazing talent.
    Thanks, too, for the St Patrick’s giveaway. How about Donovan for an Irish bunny?
    X Linda

  203. Cookie17 says:

    I don’t know if this one been used or not,how about , SULLY that what they call my husband when he was in Navy 45 yrs. ago. That’s a fitting name for cute bunny you made :;; “” SULLY “”

  204. He is so cute. I have to go with Seamus, love that name.

  205. eleanor rueb says:

    Iwould name him McNamra and call him MAC after my Irish grandpa who came to America in 1890. I think this MAC shoud immigrate too.

  206. Jeannette Iacono says:

    Enjoyed your beautiful but sad story of your Grandmother, it was very touching.
    Here are some names I like ..Bartley, Darcie and Paddy.


  207. Hi, I love all your patterns.
    This bunny is just so cute, so I thought a name that shows everyone what he could be like – Cearul (pronounced Kar-ul) meaning “fierce in battle”.

  208. I would love to have your little bunny and would call him Reilly, which is supposed to mean “valiant” in Irish. He looks like a brave little fellow!

  209. I think he should be named Finbar Bunny,he is so cute.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this give away.

  210. Jo Maule says:

    Happy St Patricks Day and have a spoilt mothering sunday!
    I think mr bunny should be called clover – he is so cute

  211. Maria-Jesus says:

    He is sooo cute, for me he is Sniffy O’Carrot.

  212. He’s wonderful, I’d call him Redmond O’Rabbity, a counsellor or protector as befits such a noble bunny!
    Love the story of your grandparents too.

  213. Greetings from an Irish Canadian,
    Sweet bunny! Let’s name him Patrick O’Hare!

  214. Carolyn M says:

    Happy St Patrick’s Day, and in honour of that I would call him Paddy O’Bunny!

  215. He’s lovely! I would call him Paddy.

  216. Hi, I love the bunny but both my names have been suggested.
    Malachi – A name linked to the High King Maoilseachlainn “devotee of St. Sechnall” one of Saint Patrick’s first companions.
    Odhran – Odhran was the charioteer of St. Patrick.
    So I am going to suggest Fionn Mac Cool who is a central character in Irish folklore and mythology and bunnies and folklore go well together I think. Hopefully this is still good enough for the St Patricks Day theme. Of course you could go with the King’s name mentioned above. It is bigger than the bunny and hard to pronounce but I think it works! 🙂

  217. Good Morning 🙂 Please enter me for a chance to win the little rabbit…how dapper he is in his sweater. The name I have chosen for him is Gerald O’Hara (named after Scarlett O’Hara’s father in Gone With The Wind) – a decidely Irish gentleman.
    Smiles, DianeM

  218. Oooo thank you for the opportunity to win one of your hand knit items! I would name him Finn O’Hare….

  219. I think he looks like a Brendan. Thank you for offering your sweet little bunny giveaway 🙂

  220. Sharrieboberry says:

    My name suggestion is Dahey Dunne. Dahey means “swift of foot” and Dunne means “brown”.

    He is so handsome! Your rabbits are darling!

  221. Dia duit agus Sásta Lá Fhéile Pádraig. (Hello and Happy St Patrick’s Day.) I would call him…. ‘Colin coinín an chieftan cróga’. (Colin rabbit the brave chieftain)
    Thank you for the chance to win one of your cute little knits.
    Go raibh maith agat

  222. Since the Celtic for house rabbit is “coineanach an taighe” my first thought would be Conan, perhaps Conan O’Hare. But I also love the name Teague, which means poet so I would call him Teague O’Hare.

  223. What an adorable bunny. You do just beautiful work. I love that you know so much about your roots and your Mom was taught from your Grandmother and she’s now passed it on to you.
    I just researched Irish names quickly and saw two that I really liked; Darren (meaning of little great one) and another, which is a name I love, Rory (this name comes from Rory O’Connor the High King of Ireland 1170AD).
    Thank you so much for the chance to win your adorable bunny.

  224. Deborah Jennings says:

    What an adorable bunny! He looks like he should be Peter O’Mally to me.
    I think I am part Irish. My maiden name is McKinney. =)

  225. I would love to enter you giveaway, many thanks for the chance. I was lovely to read about your grandmother. I like the name Seamus. :0)

  226. What a little cutie. I have asked my children to think of a name and my son suggested Rafferty Rabbit! We would love to win him and are keeping our fingers crossed.
    Thank you Helen for giving us the chance.

  227. I adore your blog and enjoy the magazine issues.
    The bunnies are so cute, perfect size for my newest niece expected in Aug!

  228. I’d name him Colin – little chieftain. He looks rather dignified and composed (for a bunny 😉

  229. You’re a very talented lady and I really enjoy your blog.

    Beautiful bunny. How about Kieran?

  230. Helen Jane says:

    He is so lovely. I think if I was lucky enough to win him I would have to call him Milo

    Good luck everyone

  231. I like the name Declan
    My kitty’s first vet was from ireland and named Declan.
    He used to tell me how pretty my kitty was in his wonderful brogue. And always give him a kiss on
    his forehead at the end of our visit

  232. What an adorable bunny!! Would love him to grace my home! I would choose the name Daithi -named after the last pagan king of Ireland who had 24 sons!! Daithi means swiftness and nimbleness- which I am sure this bonny bunny would be!!!

  233. I absolutely adore him! What about Murphy for a name?!
    Thank you, greetings from Holland, Cisca

  234. Hi, I love your family history story and the bunny is so cute.
    I would love to have him live with my family.
    I am part Irish, grandad from co westmeath.
    My name would be Kaelan Ennis Rafferty for the bunny.

  235. What a wonderful reunion story.
    Thanks for a chance to win….”Reilly,” I think he looks like a Reilly.

  236. He’s very cute, and I don’t think you should be changing his name at all, he looks like a Teasel to me. but if you insist perhaps Fergal would suit him.

  237. Please enter me in your draw for this adorable bunny! I would of course like to name him Patrick!

  238. amy in Texas says:

    He is cute little fellow. How about Benjamin Bunny?

  239. Leslie Cohen says:

    Fairisle for his sporty sweater and fair temperament.
    Thanks for a chance to the cutie!

  240. donna altieri says:

    i don’t know if this is a real name or not but “fineran” came to mind.

    he’s so cute no matter what his name is!


  241. I enjoy your site. You are a very gifted and creative designer! I think Teasel is adorable , and his name is original. I would call him O’Teasel!

  242. How cute! I also give my stuffed toys nationalities… no idea why though as they’re not based on something like St. Paddy’s day. As he is a Paddy’s Day bunny, I think it should be Paderaic.

  243. I’d call him Sheridan, I think it means ‘treasure’ which the little bunny surely is!

  244. Cindy Luedeman says:

    I think he is adorable. I think a good name is seamus.

  245. Sheila Caris says:

    My 84 y o father is Irish heritage & his name is Patrick Daniel, my son is Gregory Patrick so either of those names would be gr8

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