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Too much time on my laptop

by Helen on September 23, 2014

Everything is getting very exciting here at Bustle & Sew HQ – well in MY opinion anyway!  Poor Ben thinks I’ve become very boring as I’m spending so much time on my laptop ….

This is because my new website is nearly ready to launch, so I’ve been very VERY busy updating, tweaking, adding new links and deleting old ones ready for THE BIG DAY next Wednesday 1st October.  And of course this week is Magazine publication week too, which is always a busy time.  I’ve just uploaded the preview, so if you’d like a peek between the pages please click below:


Hope you like it!



October Magazine: A Jolly Good Read!

by Helen on September 21, 2014

I’ve been REALLY busy these past few days assembling the October issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.  It’s really not the done thing here in England, we’re taught never to boast or blow our own trumpets, but I must say I’m exceptionally proud of this month’s issue.  Rosie is putting her publishing background to very good use, seeking out contributors and putting together brilliant new items to include this month.  Together we want to make the Bustle & Sew Magazine into more than just a sewing publication – into a jolly good read in fact!

Although we both simply adore anything to do with fibre, thread and stitching (and in Rosie’s case crochet as well), we also love anything to do with our homes and family and wanted to reflect this in the magazine.  So in this month, as well as these six new projects …

There are all sorts of other goodies inside too.  There’s a baking corner (complete with conversion tables, so you’re good to go wherever you live), an interview with the amazingly talented Lisa Toppin of Agnes and Cora (her freestyle machine embroidery skills are almost magical), printables, articles on velvet and stumpwork (my contribution) as well as crafting, shopping and blogging pages.

If you are a subscriber, then I hope you’ll approve of these changes, especially as this month’s issue’s the biggest yet at nearly 80 pages (with no advertising to get in the way of your creating).  And if you’re not a subscriber, then why not try it out?  You can learn more over on my magazine page.


So much easier …

by Helen on September 17, 2014

A few days ago I blogged about the trials and tribulations of making Miss Matilda Catkin.  Fortunately not every project presents as many challenges as Matilda.

Today I am delighted to present to you my Woodland Deer applique which took from start to finish probably less than 6 hours ….

Plus a bit of thinking time beforehand of course!  I hope you like her and she’ll be in the October issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine (out next week – eeek!)


A most enjoyable morning

by Helen on August 21, 2014

Yesterday I was very busy all day working hard on the September Magazine.  It’s coming along very nicely and I’m particularly pleased with the cover – featuring my new 21st century Bustle & Sew bunny ….

But while I was very happily occupied, somebody else was feeling a little bored and fed up with the lack of attention….

“Come and play, or what about a lovely walk, come on … puhleeese Muuuummm …..”  

So today I took them both on one of their favourite expeditions – down to the River Avon at Loddiswell.  The river runs clear and cold down from Dartmoor and there’s a beautiful path through woodland alongside, perfect for a gentle relaxing stroll.  But have I ever experienced a gentle relaxing stroll along this path? No.  I have not.  This is because I am towed along by two over-excited, impatient-to-get-in-the water Newfoundlands rather faster than I would choose to travel!  I can’t let them run loose too early as the river banks are very steep and although they’d get into the water absolutely fine, I am not at all sure they’d be able to get out again very easily.  But eventually we reach the wide curve in the river where there’s a lovely shallow shingle beach.   Leads come off and there’s a mad dash for the water …..

River Avon at Loddiswell, Devon

If you’d like to see the image above in a larger format, then please just click on it to view in Flickr.  I wanted to show you how beautiful the river is so took a whizzy panoramic shot on my phone.  I don’t know if you can make out the Newfies – Ben is on the left digging for river stones, while Daisy is paddling around looking for sticks.

As you can see, he’s quite back to his usual self again… collecting some really very large stones – almost too heavy for me to easily pick up.  I took a shot of his collection (he likes to arrange them neatly on the shoreline) next to my feet so you could see their size …

All those large rocks are the stones Ben has retrieved from the river bed!  Hope he doesn’t break another tooth.  Then home for a little sewing. …

This time for Rosie.  She’s asked for a new dress and chosen the Camber Dress from Merchant & Mills.  I’m really enjoying this pattern – there is a most interesting yoke construction and set in sleeves, so lots to think about while the Newfies slumber after their walk.