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I love the colour yellow as it’s such a cheerful, happy sunshiney colour.  For me it’s the colour of early spring, and is all around at present ….

There are so many primroses this year, our woods are carpeted with them – and daffodils too popping up in places where I’ve never seen them before.  I’ve made the cover of this month’s Bustle & Sew Magazine yellow too, in honour of the season…..

and it’s out tomorrow!!  I finished uploading it this morning, so we went for a lovely long walk in the woods this afternoon which is where I took the photos at the top of this post.  I’m sure Ben and Daisy would want me to share a larger version of their photo – they were so good and posed beautifully next to the daffodils …..

Although they were feeling very impatient and anxious to carry on up to the top of the hill and through the broken fence into the field where Daisy can charge around and around and …. well I think you’ve probably got the picture by now!!  Then home again for a well-earned rest (Ben)….  

And eager for more fun and excitement (Daisy!) …..

I have no idea where she finds all her energy, but I wish she’d give some to me!!



I am lost for words….

by Helen on January 22, 2013

I received an email from Rosie this afternoon which began “4 days without a post?  Come on motherkins! “ She is quite right, it is indeed four days since I posted about my magazine subscription giveaway- a most unusual length of time between posts for me.  This is because I have been, quite simply, lost for words!

When I asked entrants to leave a comment telling me which was their favourite Bustle & Sew pattern, I expected just a list of pattern names.  But … I have been completely blown away – entirely overcome by the kindness and generosity of all your comments.  I had no idea – thank you all so very much for taking the trouble to let me know that you enjoy my designs, as well as telling me a little about the patterns you’ve stitched and the lucky people who’ve received your creations.  Once again, a great big “THANK YOU” to you all from the bottom of my heart. 

Ben and Daisy

“Thanks for being so nice to our Mum!”

 But although I’ve been quiet, I’ve been keeping myself busy as the next issue of the magazine is out next week.  I’m just putting the finishing touches to my “Mice are Nice” embroidery, and managed to take some photographs of another magazine project, the Daisy Knot Tote (named for the applique daisies, not the cute little Newfie puppy!)  earlier this week … 

Daisy Knot Bag

I’m also (assisted by Rosie) revising the magazine cover and have changed my pattern cover sheet too – reflected in the new-style photographs for this month’s projects – I hope you like these changes.   Meanwhile, there are just 3 days left to enter the magazine subscription giveaway, and only a tiny bit longer to take advantage of my $1 trial subscription offer - I will definitely be ending it on 27 January when I begin to upload the February issue. So, if you were thinking about trying the Bustle & Sew Magazine, please don’t delay, as I won’t be repeating this trial offer in the near future. 


Strange sighting in garden!

by Helen on April 17, 2012

Birdhouse Clock (1)

First sighting of rare bird species previously unknown in Chillington – the Floral Feedsack Bird!!  Visiting their natural habitat – the Fabric Birdhouse Clock … 

Birdhouse Clock (3)

.. the last pattern for this month’s Bustle & Sew Magazine.  I’ve already shown you the One Sunny Morning Applique pictures and Springtime Quilted Cushion Cover and the only completed project left to share now is the Rosie & Bear Alphabet Sampler.  It’s all finished, but I am awaiting the arrival of its frame before I photograph it properly.  So here to be going on with is another quick peek at Bear …


Now all I have to do is finish writing up the patterns and assemble the magazine.  It’s out next Thursday, so no time to lose (and Ben’s off to the groomer’s this afternoon so I shall have some peace and quiet!).  If you’d like to know more about the magazine then please click here - it’s great value at just $5.50 each month for subscribers, or you can purchase back copies here at $10 each.