clothes cover

Taking it easy!

by Helen on January 11, 2014

Thank you so much everyone for all your kind good wishes for my speedy recovery.  I’m feeling very much better today and it’s amazing how much I seem to accomplished while taking it easy – possibly because my two furry friends haven’t been here to distract me!  

I’ve been thinking ahead to the wedding of the century in June while doing some stitching for the bride.  Rosie tells me that the wedding photographers they’ve chosen like to roam around your house on the wedding morning taking loads of informal shots.  I think that’s a lovely idea, but do think that some decorating will be required – after all muddy splashes and paw prints will not make a very good background for these photos.  So I’ve been considering different colour schemes for my kitchen and think I’ve finally decided on a Cath Kidston wallpaper for the “sitting” end where I have an old sofa (that Miss Daisy considers to be hers although it most definitely is not!) and possibly a Susie Watson pink check fabric for the door curtain ….

We now have a Susie Watson shop in Kingsbridge and I love her ethically produced, softly coloured fabrics.  I used a Susie Watson fabric in my latest project for the February Bustle & Sew Magazine.  I’ve really enjoyed sitting with my feet up finishing it off ….

Yes, that’s where the little sleepy fox ended up!  And there’s going to be a sleepy bunny too, but I’m still stitching him.  The clothes cover is lined with a lovely soft pink Susie Watson fabric – from their remnant box  …

And a padded hanger too.  After all I’m going to need a very special “Mother of the Bride” outfit that I’ll need to store very safely before the big day.  This will be just perfect.  

I’ve also used this “taking it easy” time to think about the Bustle & Sew Magazine – and in particular if it would be economically possible for me to offer a paper copy in addition to the electronic version.  The problem, of course, is the cost of printing and distribution, especially as there’s so much colour inside.  I’m hopeful though that I might finally have found a way … I’ll keep you updated.