Normal service will be resumed ….

by Helen on March 21, 2014

As a child in the 1960’s and 70’s (when we only had three channels!) I remember that from time to time there would be a break in service and the test card would appear ….

I am sure other UK residents of a certain age will remember this happening – usually before your favourite programme – Blue Peter perhaps or Crackerjack?  But I digress…..  Normal blogging service will be resumed very soon indeed, but at the moment I am helping Rosie and Dan decorate their new home.  I am covered in emulsion and wallpaper paste and have decorator’s elbow (is there such a condition?  I’m not sure, but I know my arm is sore and tired after all the rollering and brushing).  

It’s such a pretty little cottage – I know they’ll both be very happy there.  But I must rush now …. I was given a only very short break indeed to come and catch up with Bustle & Sew – but I’m expected back very shortly to carry on painting the woodwork in the bedroom.  

I’ll be back at the weekend with a proper preview of the April magazine (out on Thursday!).  Lots inside, including my Woodland Alphabet Quilt, Running Hare and lots more too.  Meanwhile, here’s a quick peek at the cover for you – it’s very sunshiney and spring-like I think!

See you soon!!