Vintage Bluebirds for you

Earlier this month I was enjoying a particularly satisfying rummage in my inherited box of vintage embroidery transfers when I discovered a lovely sheet of bluebirds.  "Aha!" I thought, perfect for some spring projects, and in fact I went on to use them twice in the May magazine. You may have … [Read more...]

2013 at Bustle & Sew

2013 was a very interesting year here in Devon.  There were lots of highs and some lows, plenty of hard work and productivity - and a new member of the family too!  In 2013 I published twelve copies of the Bustle & Sew e-magazine, taking me up to issue 36 - something I never imagined when I … [Read more...]

St Patrick’s Day – Free Printable Bunting

My friend Jacqui - this is her ....  is an amazingly talented designer and illustrator - but also ridiculously camera-shy!!  You may remember that Jacqui and I have collaborated on a range of Sewflapdoodle patterns for Bustle & Sew - my all-time favourite is the one she created for her little … [Read more...]

Free Liberty Patchwork Pup Tutorial

I can hardly believe that Christmas Day is behind us now!  So much anticipation, preparation and general excitement and then - the day was gone in a flash!  Townie Husband ate lots of roast potatoes (too many to count!), I am ashamed to report that I was rather greedy with Rosie's home-baked mince … [Read more...]