A new hoop …


As well as working on my new printed panels on holiday I also enjoyed completing the first project for the November issue of the magazine.  I do like including text in my designs and am always on the look out for new phrases and quotes to incorporate into a hoop.  In the summer I stitched some of my … [Read more...]

Blooming Lovely Panels …


Last time I blogged about the changing seasons and coming back to a Somerset autumn after a week spent sunning myself in the Mediterranean.  But please don't think I was lying by the pool twiddling my thumbs while I was away, oh no - I was busy doing some most enjoyable stitching.  Last month, … [Read more...]

A very quick post!

PicMonkey Collage

I just thought I'd post very quickly before settling down with a nice cup of tea (and a slice of cake of course!) to watch the first of this season's Great British Bake Off!!  I wanted to thank everyone who entered our giveway for a 12 month subscription to the Bustle & Sew Magazine and to let … [Read more...]