At last the sunshine has returned, and though I don’t think you could call it hot, certainly there’s a pleasant warmth in the air and so I’ve been able to take my work out to the summer house today.  I’ve been finishing off another project for the July issue of the magazine – another trophy head – a Hare in a Hat!

Inspired by the lovely brown hares I see running and gambolling across the fields when I take Ben and Daisy to their favourite kennels.  And of course the furry pair were outside with me this afternoon, “helping” in their own special way.  Here’s a view of the summer house with my hare on the wall ready to have her picture taken ….

And it’s easy to spot Ben, snoozing gently on the warm slate paving.  But where, I wondered, as I took this photo, is Daisy?  Not far away was the answer – all tucked up in my favourite clematis and far too sleepy on this warm and drowsy afternoon to open her eyes, even just a little bit …

Naughty girl – she knows she’s not supposed to be in the flower beds!  Perhaps she thought if she didn’t open her eyes I wouldn’t be able to see her?



Nostalgic Mix Fair and Christmas Geese Softies

by Helen on October 16, 2012

I had a wonderful time at the Nostalgic Mix Fair in Totnes on Saturday.  This is always a great day with a very friendly atmosphere, organised to perfection by Lesley of This n That  – thanks Lesley for such an enjoyable event!  I took lots and lots of samples – and very nearly sold out!  Here’s my stall at the beginning of the day:


You may recognise some of the patterns from the last few months’ issues of the Bustle & Sew ezine.  It’s a great opportunity to empty my cupboard – though I love some projects too much to part with them!  If you’d like to see more images of the fair and some of the other beautiful stalls piled high with goodies, then just pop over to my friend Sal’s blog – that’s Sal’s Snippets.   I’m afraid I wasn’t very well organised so didn’t manage to get around the hall with my camera – but Sal’s pictures are brilliant – and yes, I did sample some of the wonderful cakes on offer in the tea rooms!  

If you look closely at the photo above, you’ll see a little goose softie – in a woolly hat!  I have revised and added to my original Little Geese Softies pattern to include woolly hats and scarves.   The geese up at Coleridge Farm popped their heads over the wall to say “Hello” while Ben and I were out and about a couple of weeks ago ….

Autumn Walk (3)

 They were very interested in us, but not completely sure that we were harmless.  And I thought – wouldn’t they look great in hats and scarves!!  And then I thought …. 

Little Christmas Geese

 Christmas Geese!!

 If you’d like to make your own, you’ll find the pattern in my Christmas store.  Both the little softies above found new homes on Saturday.  And finally … having mentioned the large black furry one, and realising that I haven’t posted his photo for quite some time,  here is a totally unrelated picture of him out on our walk today.  It was very windy, hence the slicked back  fur-style!!