A most enjoyable morning

by Helen on August 21, 2014

Yesterday I was very busy all day working hard on the September Magazine.  It’s coming along very nicely and I’m particularly pleased with the cover – featuring my new 21st century Bustle & Sew bunny ….

But while I was very happily occupied, somebody else was feeling a little bored and fed up with the lack of attention….

“Come and play, or what about a lovely walk, come on … puhleeese Muuuummm …..”  

So today I took them both on one of their favourite expeditions – down to the River Avon at Loddiswell.  The river runs clear and cold down from Dartmoor and there’s a beautiful path through woodland alongside, perfect for a gentle relaxing stroll.  But have I ever experienced a gentle relaxing stroll along this path? No.  I have not.  This is because I am towed along by two over-excited, impatient-to-get-in-the water Newfoundlands rather faster than I would choose to travel!  I can’t let them run loose too early as the river banks are very steep and although they’d get into the water absolutely fine, I am not at all sure they’d be able to get out again very easily.  But eventually we reach the wide curve in the river where there’s a lovely shallow shingle beach.   Leads come off and there’s a mad dash for the water …..

River Avon at Loddiswell, Devon

If you’d like to see the image above in a larger format, then please just click on it to view in Flickr.  I wanted to show you how beautiful the river is so took a whizzy panoramic shot on my phone.  I don’t know if you can make out the Newfies – Ben is on the left digging for river stones, while Daisy is paddling around looking for sticks.

As you can see, he’s quite back to his usual self again… collecting some really very large stones – almost too heavy for me to easily pick up.  I took a shot of his collection (he likes to arrange them neatly on the shoreline) next to my feet so you could see their size …

All those large rocks are the stones Ben has retrieved from the river bed!  Hope he doesn’t break another tooth.  Then home for a little sewing. …

This time for Rosie.  She’s asked for a new dress and chosen the Camber Dress from Merchant & Mills.  I’m really enjoying this pattern – there is a most interesting yoke construction and set in sleeves, so lots to think about while the Newfies slumber after their walk.



Along the river at Loddiswell

by Helen on April 30, 2013

Another bright sparkly day!  I feel as though for the last six months or so I’ve been living beneath a damp grey flannel – which has suddenly been whisked away to reveal a lovely sunshiney world with blue skies and little white puffy clouds – instead of dreary grey skies, mud and almost incessant rain.  It feels wonderful to be able to throw open windows and doors, pull on my walking boots (instead of wellies) and set off for a lovely walk without the expectation of returning home soaked through or plastered in mud.  So yesterday we decided to revisit a walk we haven’t attempted since well before Daisy joined our little family.  

Loddiswell River Walk

I parked near the old station at Loddiswell (a victim of Beeching’s cuts in the 1960’s) which is now a private home – but you can still clearly see that it was once a busy little station.  Our walk takes us along the path of the old railway track, alongside the river ….

Loddiswell River Walk

 My furry companions ran ahead, as always.  Daisy is in front – goodness knows why – she hasn’t a clue where we’re going.  Ben knows though, and remembers the path down to the river…. 

Loddiswell River Walk

 the River Avon – a beautifully clear, shallow and fast-flowing river that runs down from Dartmoor.  It’s great for splashing around in – sorry about the poor camera control here ….

It’s not easy when you have TWO naughty newfies doing their best to soak you by splashing and shaking as much as they can!

Loddiswell River Walk

 Then on the way back we walk more slowly – the air was pungent with the aroma of wild garlic – great banks of green strap-like leaves lined the path on both sides.  I think we’ll come here again next week to see the blooms – and perhaps there’ll be bluebells too by then.

Loddiswell River Walk

 I spotted this baby fern frond uncurling itself amongst the garlic leaves.  And of course Ben had to stop for a drink at one of the little rivulets that run down the mossy banks towards the river – this one formed a lovely little pool at just the right height for a newf…

Loddiswell River Walk


Although how he could possibly have been thirsty after all that splashing about goodness only knows!!