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A lovely colourful Easter weekend!

by Helen on April 21, 2014

Go on then Daisy, you know you want to!

Yes, Ben and the irrepressible Miss Daisy have been staying with their Auntie Gillian at their favourite kennels, whilst I have been visiting Rosie and Dan for a lovely Easter weekend.  They live quite close to Bath so there had to be some shopping ….

And I got a lovely new scarf.  Pink AND seagulls too – what could be nicer?  I also purchased a fascinator to complete my mother-of-the-bride outfit but I’m afraid I am NOT showing you a photo of me with the silly thing on my head!  I think it will be OK on the day once I am wearing the whole outfit though, and I’m comforting myself with the thought that everyone will be looking at Rosie anyway.

 Then after shopping, and a spot of lunch, we went to Farrington Gurney where there is a pick-your-own tulip field…..

With the most amazing colourful varieties – so much nicer than the sort you usually find in the shops.  Look at this wonderful bloom ….

I think it’s a parrot tulip?  But more than that I don’t know … just that it’s totally fabulous!  We picked and picked, and now both our homes have vases, jugs and pots of tulips adorning every available surface.  My especial favourite is this little teapot arrangement…..

Perfect for the ones that got broken off short – and a pretty reminder of a lovely colourful Easter weekend!