Christmas Mouse Giveaway!

Christmas Mouse Giveaway

Although the holidays are still a little way off, after finishing the November issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine containing three new Christmas projects, I'm beginning to feel rather festive.  Earlier this month we launched our new Christmas Pin Cushion Mice kits (currently still available in … [Read more...]

Never trust a mouse with your birthday cake…

Two little pin cushion mice ... so cute... so innocent ... so ..... Greedy!! Well .. that's not entirely true - there was certainly a lot of greediness surrounding Carolyn's birthday cake, but it was all of us and our friends, not the Pin Cushion Mice.  Our  Pin Cushion Mouse cake was a really … [Read more...]

Pin Cushions (including mice) and a new look


I think everybody loves a pretty pin cushion, and I'm no exception to that rule! Sometimes it's nice to use an item that you haven't made yourself  - there are so many talented makers out there - and as I've been hunting for that perfect new addition to my workroom supplies I thought you might … [Read more...]