scrappy applique

A morning of mishaps – and a new pattern

by Helen on December 17, 2012

I had a wonderful birthday!  After leaving Ben at his favourite kennels, I hopped on the train to Bristol to spend the weekend being spoiled by all my family.  I was taken out for lunch (twice!), went shopping and saw the Hobbit – in a VIP seat with chocolate fudge icecream!  I really enjoyed the Hobbit, and was pleased we opted for the 3D version.  Rosie and I were a little concerned that some viewers had reported experiencing motion sickness, but luckily this didn’t happen to either of us.  


Then on Sunday came my official birthday lunch – here I am being serenaded by some very handsome and charming Italian waiters.  It was great fun!  

But today I have come down to earth with a (literal!) bump!  Having been away all weekend I thought I’d better catch up with emails, so whilst lying in bed lifted up my iPad to view my in-box – and promptly dropped it on my face!  Ouch, ouch and double ouch!  (I now have a nasty cut on my lip and a bruise on my cheek.)   Still in some discomfort, I felt sure that a lovely cup of coffee would help me feel better, but when I flipped the landing light switch, the bulb blew and fused all the lights.  Having restored power and switched the lights back on I simply cannot understand how, when filling the kettle, I managed to knock a china bowl off the drainer and onto the slate kitchen floor where of course it smashed into smithereens!  Clearly being a year older has affected my co-ordination – and not for the better!  So I am going to stay away from anything fragile for the rest of the day!  But as my teacups applique panel for next month’s magazine is not breakable, I felt confident that I would be able to photograph it without mishap – and here it is …..

Tea Cups Applique

A great project for using up scraps of fabric – and also for the less experienced in this technique as the stitching is all quite straightforward.  Hope you like it!  



Chillington, where I live,  is a small, sleepy village nestling in the lush green south Devon countryside, just a couple of miles from the sea.  It is the sort of place where nothing ever seems to happen – until now!!!   The Olympic torch will be carried through OUR village on its journey around Britain before the Olympics commence in London this summer.  Everyone is very excited indeed and those of us who live actually on the route are very concerned to ensure that we look our best on Sunday morning when the torch arrives.  The grass verges have all been freshly mown and a lovely colourful sign has appeared on the edge of the village …. 

Welcoming the torch

 There are flags in the trees……

Flags in the Trees

and all along the road ….

Flags all along the road

and we have flags at Coombe Leigh too.  I spent some time this morning fixing them securely, assisted by Ben (who in this photograph has rather lost his concentration, having spotted one of his friends out on her morning walk on across the road!)

Ben and our bunting

But in spite (or probably because) of Ben’s failing to lend a paw, I think our flags look rather good.

Flags at Coombe Leigh

Then I came indoors and, still feeling in a very patriotic mood, finished writing up the pattern for my Scrappy Union Jack applique…

Scrappy Union Jack

 It’s really, really easy and is a great way to use up your scraps – particularly if, like me, you have a huge pile of very small pieces of fabric that you don’t want to throw away, but aren’t quite sure what to do with them.  There’s no hemming or turning, just position and stitch.  

Scrappy Union Jack

 CLICK HERE to download your free Scrappy Union Jack pattern

And why stop at red, white and blue?  What about mint and pink or maybe shades of grey for a really sophisticated flag?

Happy stitching – and keep your fingers crossed for dry weather in Chillington on Sunday!!