summer house

At last the sunshine has returned, and though I don’t think you could call it hot, certainly there’s a pleasant warmth in the air and so I’ve been able to take my work out to the summer house today.  I’ve been finishing off another project for the July issue of the magazine – another trophy head – a Hare in a Hat!

Inspired by the lovely brown hares I see running and gambolling across the fields when I take Ben and Daisy to their favourite kennels.  And of course the furry pair were outside with me this afternoon, “helping” in their own special way.  Here’s a view of the summer house with my hare on the wall ready to have her picture taken ….

And it’s easy to spot Ben, snoozing gently on the warm slate paving.  But where, I wondered, as I took this photo, is Daisy?  Not far away was the answer – all tucked up in my favourite clematis and far too sleepy on this warm and drowsy afternoon to open her eyes, even just a little bit …

Naughty girl – she knows she’s not supposed to be in the flower beds!  Perhaps she thought if she didn’t open her eyes I wouldn’t be able to see her?



Lunch in the summer house (but not for Daisy)

by Helen on August 21, 2013

Today my friend Lesley came for lunch in the summer house.  We first met when she had her lovely shop “This’n’That” in Totnes, and for several years I had a table at her Nostalgic Mix fairs.  Lesley hadn’t met Daisy before so the small furry one was made to promise that she would remember her manners.  (Ben loves Lesley, and can generally be relied upon to behave in a gentlemanly fashion!).  We sat down to a tasty lunch – quiche, salads, minted new potatoes and lemonade ….

Late Summer Lunch

 Followed by local strawberries, meringues and cream.  “Delicious,” said Lesley… 

Late Summer Lunch

 “Where’s mine?” asked Daisy – totally forgetting that she was supposed to be remembering her manners!

Late Summer Lunch

 Daisy stared very VERY hard indeed at Lesley, but was destined to be disappointed ….

Late Summer Lunch

Far too nice to share with a naughty puppy!  

Late Summer Lunch

  “MUM!  LESLEY! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! YOU HAVEN’T SAVED ANY FOR ME!!  I am going to get into mischief for the whole of the rest of today!”  

And she did!  But that, as they say, is another story.

Back soon with your free Grandmother’s Bunny pattern – until then, here’s a peek at the September Magazine cover – published next week.

Bustle & Sew Magazine September 2013