tea cups

Not forgotten …

by Helen on June 9, 2014

I am afraid that for the next couple of weeks I might not be around as much as usual.  This doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten – simply that there’s now only just over two weeks until the BIG DAY and, as well as all the busy-ness that involves, I also have to finish off the July issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine  (there’s a lot I want to pack into this issue!)   This means that blogging time is in short supply which makes me sad, because there’s so much I want to show you. Our excitement is building and Rosie’s Handmade Wedding vision is becoming reality.  We have placenames …..

All the names are handstitched in a mixture of stem and satin stitch onto vintage linen sheet, hemmed at the top and mounted in a 7″ hoop.  Rosie chose an assortment of pretty pastels in blues for the boys and pinks/lilacs for the girls to back the hoops.  We produced the menus on Photoshop and they were printed by Vistaprint.  We’re still working on the tablenames – just waiting for the hoops to arrive (spot the theme going on here!)

I just hope I don’t discover I urgently need a pink button for another project as Rosie has snaffled them all!  Then one of my favourite projects didn’t involve sewing at all…..

Yes, granny’s vintage teacups and an old five-arm candlestick.  I can’t take credit for the idea though, I spotted it in the French magazine, Marie-Claire Idées.  We’ve made one each as they’ll make a great centrepiece when we’re entertaining friends.  But amongst all the wedding projects, I have found time to finish off my latest Rosie and Bear project – Princess and the Pea ….

In which a very rumpled looking Princess Rosie, who has clearly spent a most uncomfortable night is being given no sympathy by Bear who slept very well.  He’s suggesting she’s too fussy and needs a magnifying glass to discover whatever is causing her discomfort!  This was inspired by all the pretty vintage-y fabrics I’ve been using for wedding makes and I do hope you like it.  The pattern will be in the July Magazine.