A lovely start to the day..

by Helen on April 8, 2014

I woke up this morning feeling happy and energised – the sun was shining!!  It’s amazing how much difference this makes!  I leapt out of bed(!) and was instantly inspired to finish arranging my collection of vintage schoolroom posters.  I inherited these from my Mum who was an infant school teacher for many years and I think my workroom wall is the perfect place to display them …..

It’s all looking very cheerful, although I don’t think I’ll ever be a minimalist and that organised chaos is probably the best I can hope for!  Then, even before breakfast, I sewed a little of my new top – the first dressmaking project I’ve undertaken for many years…..

I’ve chosen a pretty Rose & Hubble floral print and the pink gingham is the facings.    I discovered a lovely easy pattern – the Esme Top from Sew Liberated which I thought would be perfect to begin with.   All this early morning work made me feel hungry though, so I switched off my sewing machine and headed downstairs for breakfast……

I do find that I need plenty of energy at the beginning of the day – those naughty newfies take a lot of looking after!  But pre-wedding diet plans dictate that although pancakes are fine (cooked in non-stick pan without oil) golden syrup and/or Nutella definitely isn’t.  So it’s lemon juice, no sugar for me!  

But not for my furry friend!  Sorry Miss Daisy, no tasty scraps for you this morning!  Now I’m hoping the sunny weather will continue – I have plans for rose planting later on ….

So Rosie can walk under an archway of roses on her wedding morning – which isn’t too far off now – and there’s still so much to do.  It’s a good thing I am feeling energetic this morning!



Yesterday was Rosie’s birthday. She and Dan had a great day out at the Making of Harry Potter ….. 


Although I did help her learn to drive, I do not think this particular driving technique was included in her tuition!  They had a great time, and Rosie came home with her very own Dumbledore wand.  Sadly I do not think waving it will help me finish tidying my work room!  But I have made a good start…..  

My Workroom

My cupboard has been sorted out and look !  You can see the carpet, which is quite a novelty!  Charlie the Patchwork Elephant presides proudly over my well-organised space  and the chair with the blanket is my computer desk chair.  Behind the closed door is my sewing area – but I am afraid this is not at all sorted and tidied yet, so is certainly far too messy to show (I am ashamed).  Instead let’s sit at my desk … 

My Workroom

A few familiar projects – my one remaining Cotton Spool Mouse (the others found kind new homes) – but I did discover one kit when I was tidying – please do email me (  if you would like it – $15 plus postage.   Then there’s my Fabric Deer Head and the Bustle & Sew Calendar too.  Up on the shelf over my desk is the lovely little Japanese doll my Dad brought home from one of his many overseas trips when I was just a little girl…. loved and treasured for many years.  And my little polar bear embroidery …..

My Workroom

 all in French knots – I spent many happy hours in the gazebo one summer creating this sleepy young fellow – when Ben was young ….

Baby Ben

Aaaahhhh.. so cute, so small – and, even then, so (just a little bit) slobbery!   It’s been quite a few birthdays since Ben was that small!