And the winner is …

(chosen by random selection as always) Number 54!! That’s Papgena Made It!!  Well done Papgena, I’ve already emailed you – please get in touch and Edward will be on his way to you as soon as I have your address.  
Thank you to everyone else for entering, I loved reading about all your signs of spring … particularly as winter seems finally to have joined us with temperatures well below freezing at night, and only climbing a very little during the day.  Ben is ecstatic – he adores this frosty weather and would sleep all day on the very cold stones of the courtyard at the back of the house if allowed.  Needless to say I won’t let him spend more than 15 minutes at a time out there – after he was so poorly a couple of weeks ago I am not taking any chances with his health.  
At least this cold weather comes with sunshine – so everywhere is bright and sparkly and, above all, colourful – I so dislike the horrible grey, dull days that seem to drain the colour from the whole world.
Colour is very important to me and I love the way the colours around me change as the seasons progress.  I am also very fond of this little vintage calendar jigsaw that illustrates the natural year so well.  I don’t know how old it is, and I can’t remember how I acquired it, but it’s such a clever learning device … counting 1 -12, learning your months of the year, and the names for British flowers through the seasons (identified on the inside of the box lid). 
Even the backgrounds are colour coded – blue shading into pale green for spring, then yellow for summer moving through orange, plum and finally back to blue as we return to winter in December.  The flowers depicted are those I see on my daily walks with Ben – and yes, it’s February and the gorse is in blossom with its delicate coconut fragrance.  I have already seen daffodils and primroses though – but I think this current cold snap will make them wish they’d remained below-ground a little longer!
And finally … my China Cats design is beginning to take shape …in spring colours of course.  Machine applique combined with touches of hand embroidery and a slightly vintage feel.  This design is a little more fiddly, but uses the very same techniques as my “Stitch” sewing machine cover …
… and I’m carefully writing out detailed step-by-step instructions so it is as easy as can be!


Congrats, Papgena Made It!! Lucky you! Edward is so adorable!
I'm afraid I'm living through those gray winter days and appreciated the photo of your beautiful vintage puzzle, Helen.
I can't wait for the final unveiling of "China Cat"! I love what I see so far!!!
X Linda

Papgena Made It

oh my!! such an wonderful surprise! Thank you!! Edward will be loved for sure! I love him already and I'm sure my daughter will love him too, when he arrives! We'll have to split the time spend with him between the two of us! 😉
It's been freezing here too. yesterday was the lady of the lights' day. we have a saying that if she smiles (a sunny day)will be winter for long, if she cries (a rainny day) the winter will be over soon. Well, it was a sunny day…


Congratulations to Papgena.

I love the smell of the gorse when out walking. There was frost covering our beach Friday morning and the sand crunched as we walked on it.

Wishing you a good weekend.


Congrats to the lucky winner.
Helen your designs are the best. I'm loving the china cat you have given a sneak peek of and the machine cover in my current magazine is a must stitch.


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