Appley Dappley Applique – free pattern for you ….

Appley Dappley Applique Cushion
 We are innundated.  Apples everywhere …. this year was an extra-super-bumper crop!  Remember this picture back in April?
All that lovely blossom …. has turned to ….
And this is after half of them have fallen off!!  We’re overwhelmed!!  Everyone in the village is the same – whenever we meet the conversation starts, “Would you like some … apples/plums/beans/marrows?” And the other person usually responds “No thank you, I have plenty of apples/plums/beans/marrows of my own.” Even Ben has stopped bumping apples down the steps….
…the novelty has definitely worn off!!  Anyway, this fantastic apple harvest has inspired me to create a simple machine applique design to share with you:
The Appley Dappley Applique
And, just like the apples in my garden it’s free to anyone who would like to download it – just click here for your free Appley Dappley applique pattern.
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Have a h-apple-y evening wherever you are!!


The mum of all trades

I really love this, its so pretty and perfect for Autumn decorating. The fabrics you choose really make it that bit more special.


I love the cushion pattern – really effective. I know what you mean about the apples – my parents trees are so heavily laden, the branches are bending down! I've never seen so many! Hope you are going to make them into something lovely 🙂

Highland Monkey's

That is a lovely cushion.The fabrics you have chosen suit it just right.


Oh, my gosh, how cute! And it looks easy, too–my kind of project.
I wish I had an apple tree. There was one in my yard growing up (alongside a cherry tree) and there was nothing like eating those apples! And boy, did my mom make the best pies!
Hey, I have to ask…what's a marrow?


That is a lovely pattern. And I want to tell you, I have started making it. I have appliqued all nine apples today, just waiting for the fabric glue to dry before tackling the inside of the apple at apple 6. I will come back and leave another comment to let you know when I finish it!


Hi Mom2fur – thanks for your comment – I can't find your email to let you know that a marrow is a gigantic courgette. A monster courgette. A totally enlarged courgette which is what you get when you forget to pick them! Can taste rather woolly, but can be stuffed with all sorts of nice things which does rather improve them. Hope this helps Helen x


Wow, an apple tree, that's so beautiful! Thanks for the applique pattern, it would make a cute print for a kids/babies tee. Cheers.


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