Back from the Beach

We had a lovely time on the beach on Sunday.  Townie Husband threw lots of balls for Ben, and took him rock-pooling too so I could take some photographs of my Seagull Cushion without fear of it being splashed, or even knocked flying into the water … 

Seagull Cushion

It’s another project for the August e-zine (out next Thursday). I didn’t manage to get any good images of my Lighthouse Height Chart as this was badly splashed (Ben of course) and unfortunately we haven’t had any sunshine here to try to take more photos.   It was a wonderful outing though, in spite of this …

Lannacombe Beach

 Ben loves rock-pooling.  He is very fond of underwater digging – scrabbling away with his two strong front paws – trying to capture stones, shells and once even a very startled starfish!! (I made him put it back).

He’s never caught a crab, though these are very common around here – both locals and visitors love to devour tasty crab sandwiches in the summer months, washed down with a nice cool glass of local Luscombe lemonade.  And inspired by this – and having acquired some of Maude Ashbury’s “Crabtastic” fabric, I am in the process of finishing off another project for the August e-zine, the Blue House Crab Tote….  some patchwork – a little simple quilting (optional) and an applique panel – here’s a quick sneak preview….  

Blue House Crab Tote


Excellent projects! Love the bright eyed gull, and I only hope I can find such perfect fabric for making the crab tote. Looking forward to the next issue and wishing I was rocking-pooling with Ben….

X Linda


Made me chuckle re Ben and the starfish! Oh those poor crabs my boys used to get bait from the little shop mum owned near the river in Dittisham and fish for crabs and put them in the bucket and at the end of the day toss them back in the river only to be caught the next days by other children!
Julie xxxxxxxxx


Love your stories! And that of Ben and the starfish! Hubs and I were in Cape Cod, Massachusetts this past weekend for our 12- year wedding anniversary and I got to meet two Newfies in person while strolling around Provincetown aka Ptown. Oh my! I had no idea they were so huge! Beautiful! Mama was tri- color and 16-week old baby was all black! They were so soft, fluffy and sweet! And cuddly! What a joy! What blessings!


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