Bustle & Sew Magazine: Corgi Love!!

I am sure that if Ben could speak he would have pointed out to me that certain Very Important Members of the Queen’s Household had not yet been included in any of my Diamond Jubilee projects.  Because, of course, he is entirely certain that canine family members should never be excluded from anything!!  Especially if food is involved – but I digress….

So here is my final project for this month’s Bustle & Sew Magazine (out tomorrow!) – Corgi Love …. 

Diamond Jubilee - Corgi Love

 … or what might happen if the Queen’s corgis were allowed to participate in decorating Buckingham Palace ready for the Jubilee party!!

Diamond Jubilee Corgi Love (detail)

 Note the mischievous sparkle in that corgi’s eyes!! Reminds me of Ben when he’s up to no good!  And below is the preview of this month’s magazine so you can see all the projects – no fewer than SEVEN original Bustle & Sew designs – I have been busy stitching in the gazebo this month … hope you like it. 

Just $5.50 each month for subscribers, (amazing value) or it will be available to purchase on Friday in my store for $10.  To subscribe just visit the magazine page.


What a wonderful issue! I love your magazine and look forward to each one!

X Linda


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