New(ish) design …. inspiration strikes!!

I was asked to make a babychange bag for a friend, Fran – I already have a babychange bag on DevonBear Designs but Fran wanted something different. So I turned to my (extensive) collection of vintage craft books, many of which featured in my own childhood and were passed down to me by my mum. Eventually I came across a design for a circus train wall hanging …..
….. and Fran just adores the Cath Kidston circus fabric – what serendipity!
If you’ve very kindly been reading this blog for a little while, you’ll know that I just love vintage fabrics and designs. I also hate waste – even the tiniest scrap of fabric is preserved and sooner or later is likely to find a home in one of my designs. So I rummaged around in my workroom and found some brightly coloured felt that I’ve saved since Rosie was doing crafts as a tiny child (she’s now 20!) I added some vintage feedsack scraps, some offcuts of ric rac braid and a multitude of mismatched buttons.
I was off !!! Here is the (nearly) finished front panel for the bag. You’ll see that I’ve simplified the train slightly and changed the smoke to bubbles – much simpler.

I don’t think they come out very well in these snaps, but I added some bugle beads to the roof of the hippo’s wagon. I sewed the buttons on really really well, and of course this isn’t a toy so it was OK to use them.

Now I have to finish the panel and make up the bag – but I couldn’t wait to share it with you. I’ll post some pictures when it’s finished – complete with Cath Kidston circus lining – and will also post the pattern and instructions in case you’d like to try it too.

Back soon!!


Surfer Rosa

That is superb. I'm always so impressed by your work and this is a fine example – working from a design and improving upon it. The recipient will be thrilled I'm sure.


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