One Sunny Morning

I love these sunny spring mornings, when the sun shines brightly between the April showers. It’s wonderful to pull on my wellies and set off with Ben along one of the network of green lanes that surround our village, through the fields and into the woods at the top of the hill.  Along the way we will see the sheep and their new babies …

New arrivals

 … while the sunlight sparkles on the estuary in the distance.  Sometimes we’ll hear the distant sound of a tractor chugging away in one of the fields, as now is the time for ploughing and sowing.  A morning just like this inspired my latest pattern design for this month’s magazine …

One sunny morning

It’s called “One Sunny Morning” and shows one of our local villages, perhaps Salcombe or maybe Beesands, where the pastel coloured houses crowd against the harbour and the little fishing boats still go out to catch bass, bream and plaice. 

This design is all stitched by machine – I set myself a challenge not to include any hand stitching to keep it really simple to create.  I did cheat when sewing on the buttons,  though I could have used the machine it was much quicker just to thread a needle and secure them with a few hand stitches.   Then, I took one of the houses from the harbour and, with thoughts of the wisteria we saw last weekend at Greenway, changed it just a little… and added some hand-stitching (couldn’t help myself!)

Where the heart is

Then this morning I dashed outside between the showers to photograph both designs.  Now all I need to do is write up the patterns ready for the May issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine (out on 26th April).

Two applique pictures



So many of my favorite things are included in these two new patterns…right down to the red tractor and black-faced sheep! I love your fabric choices and the boats remind me of the lobstering boats I see along our coastline here in Maine.
Years ago I planted a wisteria that held the promise of being hardy enough to withstand our winters, and although it thrives, blossoms are rare. I really think our spring weather isn’t long enough or warm enough for the kind of bloom I’d like, but I can get very excited over a solitary flower. Love these, Helen!
X Linda


Hi Linda, thanks for your lovely comment – I will be sure to post some pictures of the wisteria at Greenway for you when we return to view it in bloom! xx


Looking forward to the next magazine! We have a wisteria in the garden that has yet to flower (we’ve been here 5 years) Perhaps this year …..


Your creativity in looking at something and then putting into an art piece is truly amazing. I enjoy all of your work. You are an inspiration. Keep up the great ideas and posts.


Hi! These are beautiful!! Once you have completed the sewing part do you tack them onto canvases??


Hi Rachel – thanks for your lovely comment – and in answer to your question – not exactly!! I mount them on blank artists’ canvas blocks which are easily obtainable from craft shops or sites like ebay. I turn the edges to the back of the block and secure – working from the centre of each side towards the corners – with a staple gun. I mitre the corners, trimming away excess fabric and then cover the staples with self-adhesive fabric tape for a neat finish. Helen x


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