Owls in Love…

Just a quick post to let you know that my latest pattern is now available – it’s called “Owls in Love” – not very original I know(!) and features nine little applique owls on a repurposed blanket panel.  Yes, the inspiration came from my scotties in love pillow cover – which combined with my desire to use yet more of my fabric samples resulted in this new design.  It’s available for one month only free with September’s newsletter (out now), or you can purchase from Bustle and Sew. 
It has been a most frustrating morning, problems with internet connections, sites going down etc etc so now Ben and I are going out.   Probably to the beach.  It’s glorious sunshine here (if a bit chilly) and I think the fresh air will do us both good.  Have a great day whatever you’re up to!!


Thank you for the great owl pattern! I love owls and can't wait to make a cushion with your pattern.


Thank you for the adorable owl pattern.

Sorry about your computer problems. I love computers except when they misbehave and then I want to throw it out the window!

I enjoy your blog and looking at your lovely patterns.

Crystal Jeffers

your owls are adorable! I think my kids will have a blast trying this out as a craft project. I will have them each create their own then we will put them on their own pillows. Thanks for the pattern.


I so adore this pillow! What a neat way to use small fabric bits! I will have to check if I have enough …
And I do the same thing when thins do not work … go for a walk. Only that there is no beach here … too bad!


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