Puppy Princess Applique

Yesterday I received a series of messages from Rosie’s young goldendoodle Tilly (who would appear to have learned to read, write and operate Rosie’s phone since leaving me three weeks ago!)  Sshhhh … don’t tell, but I think it was Rosie typing on her behalf!  Anyway the messages went something like this …

Hi!  It’s me – Tilly!  I’ve been trying to get comfy on the sofa, but all I have to lie on is this old, rather lumpy and uncomfortable cushion.  Just as I get comfortable and close my eyes ….

My head starts to slip sideways off the cushion onto the sofa with a BUMP!

Which wakes me up suddenly so I feel all confused and bewildered.

I need a new soft cushion – please can you help?

Well … what could I say?  So I had a little doodle on my pad and came up with a simple applique design that I hoped would suit our puppy princess.  Then I combined it with some patchwork scraps and reverse applique to make Tilly her very own cushion ….

What a spoiled young goldendoodle she is!  In case you too have a spoiled pet and would like to make something for them, here’s my original design ….

And it would be an easy idea to customise to suit your own dog – or even cat!  The whole cushion took me less than an afternoon to make – it really is very simple and would be a great project to try if you’re new to these techniques.  I think it’s easy to work the process out from the pictures, but if anyone would like a pattern then please let me know by leaving a comment – if there’s enough demand then I’ll put one together.


I think this is my favourite of all your projects. Tilly is a very fortunate puppy


Lovely cushion. Bet Tilly will love it too, now you will have to make Ben and Daisy one each…………. They’ll only be jealous
Julie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Thanks Julie, but no they will not be jealous. They think cushions are for wussie baby dogs. They have lovely snuggly beds but prefer to spend their time sprawled across the slate floor in the hallway.


Ohhhhhh I LOVE this!!!!thank you sooooooooo much!! ohhhh your little puppy is so adorable!!! I am going to try and make this with my wire haired dachsen Sprocket ♥ thank you so much!!


No, I’ve just heard from Rosie that the naughty puppy has been spending her morning doing a little gardening – Rosie really didn’t want a large hole in the middle of her lawn!


I laughed so much,she is adorable and so clever too being able to use the phone and type.Your cushion is really pretty and imaginative,lovely and snuggly too.xx


That pattern could probably also cover Daisy and Ben, though Ben would need a bowler or top hat, and Daisy a sillier hat like a jester hat with bells or something. 🙂 I am a cat person, and cats have very few differences in design, short or long hair, flat faced or regular nosed are the main differences, and anything else could be covered by fabric choices, like striped or not etc. I say that as a person who stinks at drawing.:-) Dogs are more difficult because dogs come with a larger variety of “blueprints”This is just a suggestion, but you (over a length of time) could draw patterns for other types of dogs and cats and various hat types for personality and offer them as a group in the future, like the Aunt Martha envelopes that are available over here in the US. You could also make a pillow for Amy and provide a halo “hat” for her? just an idea. 🙂


Not a problem, with hat choices and pet options people could make themselves pet beds, sofa cushions, or even pet memorial quilt (applique) blocks for those who have had many pets in their lives. 🙂

Robin Matlock

That is a darling cushion! My dog is a Golden (without the Doodle) and I’d love to make one for her. If you decide to make a pattern, I’d appreciate the guidance; I am new to some of the applique techniques.

Thanks for your inspiration!


Hi Robin, thanks for your kind comment – you’ll find a whole article on freestyle machine applique in this month’s magazine. xxx


I would love this pattern. Trying to make a stocking for my 9 month old black golden doodle.


Helen, I love the pillow, I would also like to
a pattern. I must tell you, I get your maga-
zine every month for over a year now & I finally made a mouse–she is adorable, was very easy to make, I also am a beader, I gave her aqua green eyes to match her ears, and a necklace. She is a gift for a person in my quilting guild. I can’rt wait to see her face–she turned out so cute, Thank you


Aw, thanks so much Kathy, and I’m so pleased your mouse turned out well, I’m sure your friend will adore her, she sounds beautiful. xx


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