Scotty Dog Pillow …. revisited for autumn (or fall if you prefer)

Back in May, looking forward to dreamy summer days and in the mood for linen and cotton …. florals, stripes and young love …. I had an idea for a scotty dog pillow cover.   It turned out very well and proved to be one of the most popular free designs I’ve published on Bustle and Sew.  But now the nights are drawing in and this afternoon Ben and I went blackberrying in the lanes.  The leaves are beginning to turn, children have returned to school and autumn is, if not already with us, then certainly just around the corner.  At this time of year my thoughts turn to woollens, delicious cosy blankets and toasty felted cashmere and lambswool, and the richer textures and jewel-like colours of silks and plaids – so I decided to revisit my scotty dog pillow for the autumn. 
I am very lucky to have close by in Kingsbridge, a lovely fabrics and interiors shop called Ajanta – and they are having a sale at present.  I scooped lots of fabric samples books – nobody else seemed to want them as the pieces of fabric are of course rather small.  But oh, such luxurious fabrics – and perfect for applique and patchwork. 

When I returned home (after walking Ben – he makes sure I know where my priorities lie!) I spread some of the samples around me and made a choice of autumn colours, combined with red ric-rac on a grey felted lambswool (old thrifted scarf) base.  And then I made my autumn scotty dog pillow – replacing the applique heart with a lovely heart-shaped button purchased on a trip to Fowey last year.  Perfect!  And just right for my stall on October 9th at Totnes.  I think I’ll make another later just for me to combine with snuggly blanket, mug of cocoa and warm fire …. bliss!
PS I used the same template as the summer scotty pillow – you’ll find it on Bustle and Sew on the Free Goodies page.  The pillow is 18″ square, has a simple envelope closure and the scotties are appliqued with 3 strands of embroidery floss using blanket stitch.  Ric rac is simply machined on with matching thread. 


I love this new colour combination! Just gorgeous! Perfect for autumn, although it's spring here in Aus!!! Thankyou Ellie!

Highland Monkey's

Love the colour combination. Just the ticket for snuggling upto as we go into Autumn/winter.


Oh, I love this! This looks so cozy. I am not really a pillow-type of person usually … but I so want one! Or even better – how about making a whole blanket full of scotty dogs! But I guess one would need quite a few thrifted scarfes to do that. If I ever run across a scarf fabtory closing down or something similar I will so make one … 😉


Just saw this featured on One Pretty Thing and had to stop by. This is absolutely precious.


I’m new to sewing and have been given an old sewing machine. It can’t do fancy embroidery but if I can learn the basics then maybe hubby will treat me.
I love this so much and really want to try to make it, BUT…I can’t find the appliqué anywhere.
Please help me x


Hi Pauline, and welcome to the world of sewing, I’m sure you’ll have loads of fun! This is a really old pattern of mine – I can see the blog post was 2010!! I’m afraid that I don’t have this design available online any more, but if you do a search on scotty (or scottie) silhouette or outline images I’m sure you’ll be able to find something similar.
Good luck, and happy stitching! xx


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