Some things never change

“My leisure really brings me pleasure”….
… says Mrs East.  “And I’ve something to show for it afterwards.”  Well this is true – one of the pleasures – for me anyway – of stitching is that I have something to show for all my efforts.  Mind you, if I held my needle & hoop like Mrs East then I think I would also have a headache, squint and stiff joints after stitching!  Or maybe I just do it wrong?!?  But seriously, I do enjoy the work of earlier generations of stitchers and so March’s Bustle & Sew Magazine includes an article on repurposing vintage linens – with some inspirational ideas from current-day bloggers too.  
China Cats Applique
My China Cats applique is finished too, and all made up into a cushion cover, and will also be included in March’s magazine – together with lots more too. And for subscribers only – my Rosie & Bear Diamond Jubilee Quilt part work begins in March as well.  So much excitement, lots going on – how wish I could be calm and unruffled – with a perfect manicure – just like Mrs East at the top of this post!


Oh boy Helen, is anyone that unruffled? If you could see me now, still in my pajamas, hair uncombed, several "irons in the fire"! Oh to be Mrs. East… so pulled together. I love the China Cats and I look forward to the March edition of Bustle & Sew! I'm particularly intrigued with the hexagons, I've been auditioning fat quarters for a project I'm working on and I've been considering hexagons.


I love the China Cats Applique! The daisies look so realistic!
As always, looking forward to the next magazine issue….


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