Summer Swallows

Just a very quick post …. last night the rain stopped at about 8 pm – too late for anything other than a quick walk down to the village playing fields to give Ben a chance to stretch his legs and practise his ball skills.  While I was down there the swallows were very active – swooping low over the grass with such grace and precision – and the odd wobble from one of this year’s babies!
Then I remembered – earlier in the summer I had drawn a swallow template and, using Photoshop, filled the outline with scanned vintage fabric, printed, cut out and pasted the swallows to the wall in my workroom.  They look very effective and I thought others might enjoy them too.  Just click here for the free pdf – and I’ve also included a blank template in case you want to create your own swallows.  They’d also make a good applique pattern.

PS Have redesigned the Bustle and Sew site – hope you like it!!


What a lovely idea. I watch the swallows every evening swooping around the house at this time of year.

Linda Gilbert

How very kind there is something very soothing watching swallows dipping in flight.
Kindest Regards Linda


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