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When I was at the Nostalgic Mix Fair in Totnes last month, I took with me my Scotties and Owls in Love cushions, plus a couple of Sleepy Owl hot water bottle cosies.  A very nice lady came up to my stall and spent a little while looking at them … then asked if I’d ever considered “doing” dachshunds.  And if not… would I?  Lilac?  So I thought about it – yes, it seemed like a good idea – and said I’d give it a go.  But I was all out of grey blanket.  “No problem” said the nice lady – “I can wait.”
Now she’s had to wait a little longer than I’d hoped – I just wasn’t able to lay my hands on a suitable grey blanket – until 10 days ago – when the most beautifully soft and snuggly vintage grey blanket – one of the softest I’ve ever had – found its way into my possession.  It had a couple of worn patches and moth nibbles, but nothing that couldn’t be worked around.  You’ve already seen the robins I made from it – and above are the dacshund cover and cosy that I’m just about to post to the nice (patient!) lady. 
The cushion had to be rectangular – and the dachshund just had to wrap herself around the cosy – dachshunds simply aren’t the right shape for nice square patterns.  Hope she likes them!!


Wow – if she does not – I do! They are lovely lovely – of course I love doxies 🙂 I have an old grey wool blanket from my dad when he was in the army… thanks for the inspiration! I adore your robins too 🙂 Thanks for sharing –


They are beautiful and well worth the wait, just need to get my hands on some lovely old blankets now.
Kandi x


Gosh! There's no way she won't absolutely love them. They are both simply gorgeous.

I've always had a 'thing' for Scotties but never had one. However, we do now have a black lab and I feel that before I give into my scottie 'thing' and make the scottie cushion I may just have to have a go at creating a labrador one.

Your blog is so inpsiring. Thank you for sharing your creations.


I have just found your blog through Florrie's. I love all your wonderful makes. I especially love the robins, so much so, I have just bought them from your lovely Etsy shop! So much looking forward to proudly displaying my new cushion!!


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