I’ve been to Warwick … with my Kindle

And Townie Husband too – but there is a reason for mentioning my Kindle …. I’ll come to that a little later.  I grew up in a tiny village near Warwick, England and Warwick is where I met Townie Husband far too long ago to mention now!!  We’ve been on a nostalgic visit to see some of our old haunts – above is the Lord Leycester Hospital where there is now a very nice tearoom and below is Landor House in Smith Street..
which has for many, many years been part of Kings High School for girls –  the school I attended from age 11 to 18.  The nearest window at the bottom was the headmistress’s study where important visitors were entertained and past which we all tiptoed for fear of attracting her attention.  (She seemed very awe-inspiring to us then). 
We also enjoyed a lovely pizza in Piccolino’s – still there after 30 years.  Piccolino’s was where, as a teenager in 1977 I tasted my very first-ever olive.  I hated it, but wanted to appear sophisticated (as you do when you’re a teenager) so told everyone it was lovely – whereupon they gave me theirs to eat as well – served me right!  Mind you, these days I love olives but then I guess I’ve had a few decades to acquire the taste.
So it was a lovely weekend.  And of course I took my Kindle with me for those quieter moments – I adore my Kindle and it travels with me everywhere.  I am a voracious reader and before I had this wonderful little device I used to weight my suitcase down with books but now I can carry hundreds in my handbag ready to read at any time.  This weekend however, using my Kindle was even more exciting!!!! 
A definite tah dah!! moment.  Yes, my book “The Little Book of Hints & Tips for Stitchers” is available on Amazon.co.uk as a Kindle book.   
and Amazon.com as a Kindle book.   I am so excited!! 
If you’d prefer a paperback version then please do visit Amazon.co.uk if you’re in Britain, or my Etsy Shop for overseas purchasers.  Great stocking-filler idea, and just let me know if you’d like me to sign your copy before I post it.  Off now to unpack suitcase and collect Ben from his favourite kennels …


We have friends who live in Warwick so we vist quite regularly and also my son Robert worked at the castle for sometime, and……he met his partner at Warwick too!!
Congratulations re-book and the kindle
Julie xxxxxxxxxx

Pearly Queen

What a small world! I lived n Kenilworth for over 30 years and once had a job at Kings High School…

Caroline Lovis (Redneedle)

Many congratulations re your e-book, I wonder what your headmistress would say? 🙂


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