Letters from Father Christmas

I am sure that many readers will already be familiar with the wonderful Letters from Father Christmas from JRR Tolkien – the collection of letters his lucky children received from the North Pole during the 1930s and 40s. 
They are lavishly illustrated in typical Tolkien style and have lost none of their freshness and appeal over the years.  I have long enjoyed this classic, and this year I discovered to my delight that as well as paperback and a version with real pull-out letters, this lovely book is now available on Kindle.  This means I can enjoy it on my ipad and zoom in to see all the details that I can’t always quite make out (yes, I have reached the age of reading glasses!) in the printed book.  I have noticed that more illustrated books are now appearing in kindle versions – I guess that’s as tablet computers are becoming more popular and affordable.  I know that  Kirsty Allsopp’s “Craft” book is also on Kindle – does anyone else know any other nice books available in this format?
(Apart from my own Hints & Tips book, that is !!!)  Please do leave a comment below if you can recommend some nice crafty or Christmas Kindle reading for me – I’d love to hear what you’re enjoying this year, and maybe try them for myself.
Oh, and I will have some exciting news to share tomorrow, another free Bustle & Sew Christmas project – but this one is in aid of a very good cause. Here’s a sneak preview for you …


Kelly Fletcher

Hi Helen. Found you while blog surfing and have thoroughly enjoyed browsing your blog and website. I also put out an e-mag, on hand embroidery, so particularly enjoyed seeing how you do yours – it's great. Take care, Kelly


Helen thanks for posting this as I don't know how I missed this book in my life. I will check it out. I have the new Kindle Fire which is in color and a touch like the iPad. I have the older Kindle too which isn't good for craft books as it's in black and white and not a touch screen. I have been inclined to get crafty books in paper but the way you talked about them on your iPad made me want to try one on my Kindle Fire now. Please check out my current post over on my blog as I posted about you!!


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