New Pattern Collection and a Flash Sale


As I am sure everyone who has ever read this blog must know by now, I had always wanted to keep chickens – and this year I achieved my lifetime ambition with the arrival of four lovely feathered friends, Primrose, Poppy, Katie and Clover.  They give us the most delicious golden-yolked eggs as well as keeping us amused with their antics.  Florence and Freddie love them, and always go down to say hello when they visit – and Florence is particularly good at egg-collecting too!

Over time I’ve created quite a few chicken designs (there’s one in the September Magazine too) and now I’ve assembled nine of my favourites into a new pattern collection…..

The Happy Hen Collection – well after all, what else could I name it?!  You’ll find the Happy Hen Collection in the Bustle & Sew store, and to celebrate its publication I’ve decided to hold a quick flash sale…..

I’ll be back later in the week with news of the September (can you believe it, September already!) Magazine, but until then, I hope you enjoy a lovely Bank Holiday  – and don’t miss your chance to snap up a sale bargain!

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