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Well, who said this blog had to be exclusively about sewing? I just love this Yeo Valley advert. I live in a small village surrounded by agricultural land … if only these guys farmed nearby (although our local farmers are very nice, friendly people, they don’t have quite the same “wow” factor)…….. Anyway, I  hope you like this ad too if you haven’t already seen it…
Meanwhile …. I also hope you liked the free “Top Tips for Stitchers” book in my last post which contains a fantastic collection of hints and tips contributed by blog readers across the globe.  I was inspired by their creativity and generosity tips to put together a full-length book of my own – “The Stitcher’s Companion.” This contains lots of my own knowledge too – everything from identifying the composition of your fabric, to what exactly is a Fat Quarter and how to transfer your design to fabric. And lots more too. It is currently for sale on the Bustle & Sew website at $19.97.
However, as it’s thanks to the support, friendship and encouragement of Bustle & Sew customers, newsletter subscribers and blog readers that I wrote this book at all, I would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase your copy at half price. Yes, 50% reduction on the cover price when you purchase “The Stitcher’s Companion” from the Bustle & Sew website until the end of October,  after which it will revert to full price. Your discount code is STITCHER72

To learn more about the book and snag your bargain copy, just click here to visit the Bustle & Sew website.

Happy reading!!

Just going to watch that video again now …..

Helen xx

PS When you purchase the book you can pick up more bargains too – all additional items in your single order will also be at 50% reduction – but only until Friday!!

PPS Bustle & Sew Magazine readers will receive their own copy of “The Stitcher’s Companion” free with next month’s magazine as my second Christmas gift to you. If you’re not already a subscriber, and want to know more, then please click here to learn more and subscribe.


Yeo Valley is local to us. Yet to bump into these farmers, but I'll keep an eye out. Fun advert.


Have downloaded the book and added a link to my blog – and I just LOVE THAT ADVERT!!!


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