Reindeer, bunting and a pug!

What a nightmare this last week has been – for IT issues that is!  As you may know, our site fell over completely last Monday and though our IT wizards managed to get it up and running again by the weekend, we’ve still been experiencing glitches. Email has only just come back online, so if you’ve tried to contact me I’m very sorry I haven’t been available, but hopefully all should be OK now.  I’d like to thank you all so much for your patience during what has been a very difficult time for Bustle & Sew.  Luckily I’ve been able to forget all our IT problems by losing myself in some Christmas stitching for the December Magazine…..

Peace on Earth detail

I’ve finished my Peace on Earth Hoop, featuring a garland of Mediterranean flowers and foliage and a pure white dove with her olive branch of peace.  “Peace on earth and mercy mild” is of course a line from “Hark the Herald Angels” – a favourite carol of mine.  I remember belting out the chorus at the top of my voice, along with all my friends, during our school carol services, encouraged by our wonderful music teacher who insisted that we should “give it some welly girls!”  I’ve also just finished my reindeer bunting, though I’ve been having trouble taking photographs (if anyone has any good tips on photographing bunting I’d be very grateful indeed!)

Reindeer Bunting

I’ve included eight reindeer – but not Rudolph.  I feel he gets enough attention and it’s time to showcase the rest of the team!  A lot of reindeer patterns are quite round and cuddly, but mine are slender athletes as I feel they would have to be in tip-top condition to pull Santa’s heavily laden sleigh around the whole globe on Christmas Eve!  There’s an article about reindeer in the December Magazine – I had no idea what amazing animals they are until I researched them to write the article.  Did you know that even their feet change shape to cope with summer and winter conditions? No? Me neither!

Little Reindeer pattern available in store now
Little Reindeer pattern available in store now

And finally … I’ve also got around to another trophy head that I’ve been planning for a while – this one’s a Pug….

Pug Head

Hope you like him!  I’ll be back at the weekend with a full preview of the December issue.

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