A naughty dog and magazine subscriptions

Sometimes I feel as though I could begin every post with “It’s been another busy week here at Bustle & Sew HQ,” for somehow it always has been!

I have been occupied making blinds for our two shepherd’s huts, Rhubarb and Custard from a lovely Vanessa Arbthnott fabric, lined with a sitting hare design.  I do like a patterned lining that makes the blinds look lovely from the outside too, especially one with a nice regular geometric one that helps enormously when positioning the tapes on the backs of the blinds.

I have also spent rather too much time tidying up after that little rascal of a terrier, young Alfie.  His latest escapade was to “kill” one of our cushions and scatter its insides across the kitchen floor!  But it’s impossible to be cross for too long when he gives me that cute innocent look…

Last week saw the publication of the June Magazine, and it was while I was changing the new subscribers’ introductory emails to reflect the new issue that I thought to myself “it’s about time I updated these emails, and why don’t I upgrade our free gifts too?”  So I did!

There are two magazine subscription options – monthly and annual.  Previously we weren’t offering any gifts with the monthly subscription – but I thought that was a bit mean, so now, for your first payment of  $5.50 (currently around £4.40) all new subscribers will receive both the June Magazine and The Stitcher’s Alphabet immediately as well as the July Magazine when it’s published at the end of the month – a saving of nearly 75% on purchasing these three items individually.

You can learn more about the monthly subscription HERE.

There is also the annual subscription.  This doesn’t renew automatically, but offers the subscriber a whole 12 months of Bustle & Sew goodness for just $35 (currently around £28).  I’ve also updated the new subscriber’s gift….

So all new annual subscription purchasers will receive the 2021 Magazine Bundle with their first issue of the magazine, as well as a special code giving them 50% off all purchases across the store. You can learn more about the annual subscription HERE.

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