48 hour Flash Sale on Magazine back issues!

Yes, it’s true – every issue of the Bustle & Sew magazine currently in-store is available to purchase for just $2.50!  This doesn’t include the first 12 issues though as they’re lost somewhere in the mists of time – and the updating of systems, new laptop etc etc.  But every issue from 13 to last month’s number 47 is included in this one time only sale.  So if you’re looking to fill any gaps in your collection – or perhaps received a new handheld for Christmas and want to stock your digital bookshelves, now is the time to head over to the store and grab those issues while you can.

For me relisting all those old issues has been a trip down memory lane – I can’t believe how much the magazine has grown and developed over the last four years.  I remember working out the first issue on my old desktop PC – it had, I think about 30 pages with three patterns and a couple of articles and, at the end of January 2011 I sent it out to around 30 subscribers – some of whom are still with me now – thank you so much for all your support – I couldn’t have done it without you!

August 2012 was one of my favourite issues – I remember lying flat on the beach trying to get a shot of my Coastguards Cottages draught excluder with an extremely anxious Ben trying to work out what the problem was, and how he could persuade me to get up and continue his walk!  Then, following suggestions from subscribers, on the magazine’s second birthday I changed the cover style to show all the Bustle & Sew projects inside ….

And with a few tweaks, and updated in the autumn when our old bunny retired and the new bunny joined us, the basic cover style has remained unchanged to this day, though the contents have continued to expand – especially after Rosie joined the team last summer bringing masses of enthusiasm and expertise with her.  September 2014 was our first new-style issue ….

Featuring another of my favourite patterns, the September House Pin Cushion – created following bad case of sewing envy that I contracted while watching the Great British Sewing Bee!  Which pretty much brings us up to date with the final back issue in the sale, last month’s bumper Christmas special ….

This sale is only for 48 hours and, like Cindrella at the ball, will depart from the store at 12 midnight 31 December.  This is primarily as on 1 January the new EU VAT legislation comes into force, and I’d like to give everyone the opportunity to pick up a bargain before then.

Just CLICK HERE to visit the store and collect your back issue bargains!


I have every issue and love to look back through them. I haven’t a favorite though, as I love every single issue!
Best of everything in 2015!
XX Linda


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