A bit of reorganisation!

Phew … the sixth issue of the Bustle & Sew magazine has published successfully.  Always a stressful time – as there are so many pictures and diagrams (and a lot of pages too) I am always worried that it won’t upload.  But it did.  And I’ve had some very complimentary emails from some of my lovely subscribers, so all is well.   I’ve also uploaded this issue to the Bustle & Sew website, so if you’re not a subscriber but would like to buy a single issue, then please visit here where you’ll find all six issues of the magazine listed.  

Once the magazine is published, then I usually have a little breathing space before the next project.  And this month I decided to use this time to sort out my floss.  Quite frankly – it is a disgrace!  All muddled together with a horrid tangled lump at the bottom of my basket.  So I have invested in more plastic bobbins and have started to rewind all those skeins so I can be well-organised.  But I don’t want to store my floss by number – the numbers seem to bear no relation to colour – and as I’m creating designs I’m more interested in colour.  I’ve been looking out for a suitable container – and last weekend I acquired this from Lesley of This n That in Totnes …

Lesley tells me it is a mid-century item, used to store and transport reels of cine-film.  Amazing!  And just what I wanted.  It’s about 20″ square and 3.5″ deep.
And the lid comes right off.  Nice and clean inside.  All I had to do was line the base with some leftover wallpaper from when Rosie & I decorated her room last year …
And I bought some snap-together sock organiser insets from Lakeland Plastics.  A little dab of glue secured them at the sides …
And in goes a very small part of my floss collection. Vaguely arranged as a colour wheel.  Much easier to see and compare colours and find everything I want.  Now all I have to do is add the rest of the floss – hope the box will be big enough!  I’m a bit of a flossaholic, and when you take into account my inherited stash too … still it’s a harmless addiction I guess?


Love your floss file, I am afraid mine is all very boringly sorted in number order in plastic boxes (but the boxes are in an old wooden sewing box/table)
Carol xx


I don't know what is wrong with me!?$%*@ I am always writing you an e-mail to tell you how much I LOVE each issue of Bustle and Sew Magazine when I should be doing that right here!

Every single issue received to date (5) is fantastic! Each one includes a wide spectrum of crafts so that there is always something for everyone. My biggest problem is going to be finding the time to keep up with you! And this latest issue – four projects added to my MUST DO list!

Thank you for all the hours and hours of work and thought that you put into each issue. I feel so fortunate to be a subscriber.


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