A garden full of flowers

Phew!  At last my moving date is confirmed as the week after next, when the Newfies and I will be packing our bags (or rather I will be packing everyone’s bags), saying goodbye to Coombe Leigh and heading off to our new home – The Cottage – in a little village south of Bath. We will have a lovely garden and a conservatory for the dogs to snooze in – while keeping an eye on everyone’s comings and goings of course.  As her tablets are beginning to take effect Daisy is starting to feel a little more like herself – although only in short bursts, after which she has to sleep for an hour or two – and I’m hopeful that she will be able to enjoy the time she has left to her.  We’ve been recommended an excellent vet near our new home and so I’m confident she’ll continue to be in good hands.

Although I’m pleased and excited to be moving, the countryside and garden all around is looking so beautiful now – it’s such a lovely time of year …gardenandsumerquilt 006

Which makes it harder to say goodbye.  But goodbye it is and off to start an exciting new adventure.  Meanwhile, thinking of new things, I’ve been working on a  hoop for the July Magazine that, like my garden above, is full of flowers – inspired by vintage embroidery patterns ….

gardenhoop 006

The quote is one from Audrey Hepburn, and I think is especially poignant given her difficult and dangerous childhood in Nazi-occupied Holland.  I’ve really enjoyed stitching this, and at such a stressful time I’m so pleased I have a pastime that is so engrossing and relaxing.

gardenhoop 005

Inspired by our Spring Stitchalong – which WILL resume in July after I’ve moved – athough it might need to be re-christened the Summer Stitchalong(!) I’ve used a much greater variety of stitches than usual in this piece. Although I can’t make videos at present (everything is packed), I’ve included lots of diagrams and photographs in the pattern.


And finally, Miss Daisy would like to thank everyone for all your kind wishes.  We’re back at the vet tomorrow for an assessment and we’ll let you know how she’s doing.


Hope the move goes well for you all. Love and hugs. You will be moving to Somerset around the same time as we did twenty-five years ago!
Julie xxx


I’m just catching up with you blog and I am so sorry to hear of Daisy’s condition – I do hope her medication helps and you can enjoy your new home together for many months to come. Good luck with the move to your new home. Your stitching for the July magazine is absolutely gorgeous. Big hugs to you all x

Linda in Maine

I’m so glad to hear that Daisy is responding well to her medication, and I’m sure “The Cottage” (which sounds delightful) will be a lovely home for you all to enjoy! After all, who doesn’t feel better just being in a conservatory?!
XXX Linda


Very best wishes for a stress-free house move -you deserve it.
Lots of love to you and Ben and Daisy (still keeping my fingers crossed for her).

Sherry B

I just love the depth of color you achieved in the flowers and design. Awesome!


Thank you so much Sherry – watch out for the pattern in next month’s magazine! xx


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