A helping paw

Today I was woken once more by the sun streaming through a crack in my bedroom curtain.  I would like to be able to type that I leapt out of bed and flung the curtains open, but sadly this is not the case.  I feel my days of leaping around at the crack of dawn are definitely behind me – if indeed they ever happened!  So I will simply report that I swung my feet to the floor and then trotted across to the window where I was greeted by the sight of glorious sunshine and a cloudless blue sky.  We’ve been so lucky with the weather here lately, as though rain has been forecast it seems to have mostly passed us by or rained at night.  Everything in the garden is coming along well and even my baby rose archway seems to have put on a growth spurt …

With a few flower buds beginning to form.  The wild gladioli are looking lovely too, though sadly they’ll be over by the BIG DAY.

The window at the bottom right of the picture, the one that’s just a little open at the top, is the room with my log burner where you’ll find me all winter long, cosily snuggled into the big armchair with my sewing.  But now the warmer weather’s here it’s great to get out into the garden and reclaim my summerhouse.  I was up there earlier this morning trying to take photos of the last project for the June magazine, my Summertime Picnic Blanket.

 I tried it this way ….

And then I tried it that way ….

But I couldn’t seem to get the perfect shot .. until …..

Ben decided to lend a helping paw.  Thanks Ben!  And as this was the final project I needed to photograph I’ve been able to finish putting together the latest magazine cover….

The June issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine will be published on Thursday 29 May.


How you managed to get the magazine together with such beautiful projects and orchestrate wedding preparations at the same time I’ll never know! SOMEONE must be leaping out of bed!!!
X Linda


Aha Linda – it’s not me leaping out of bed but the Newfies on these lovely mornings – demanding to be taken for early walks, after which as I’m up and about I start work, so do manage to fit quite a lot into my day! x


Your Newfie’s are both so gorgeous. Daisy slays me with her naughtiness. I would love to see her dressed in a hat decorated for Summer! I can imagine what fun it would be to create tea parties for her and the other animals about. I just wanted to saw how much I enjoy Ben and Daisy! Maybe, Miss Daisy was truly meant to be a mermaid.


Aw, thanks Honora – I’m not sure Daisy would be a mermaid though – far too elegant – perhaps a hippopotamus!! xx


Thank you for the updates on the wedding preps, so exciting! My daughter is about to turn 20 – someday I hope to be doing the same for her.

The new issue looks to be brimming with loveliness, cannot wait to see it pop into my inbox way across the pond in N.C. USA!

Best, Ann


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