A quick glimpse ….

That is to say, two sorts of quick glimpses…  

The first …. looking out from the skylight at the top of my house I caught a glimpse of pink at the end of my garden.  Intrigued I pulled on my wellies and went up the old stone steps to investigate.  I was delighted to find that the fat green buds on my early flowering camellia had burst into brilliant bloom – and so I simply had to bring some indoors to enjoy …..

Pink Camellias

 They’re the same pink as my newly painted chair!  I’m in the middle of redecorating my kitchen in honour of Rosie & Dan’s wedding later this  year and was inspired by the lovely ice cream candy colours used at the Winking Prawn beach restaurant in Salcombe where I took them for Rosie’s birthday lunch ….. 

Winking Prawn Salcombe

 Will be sure to post pictures when it’s all finished!  And the second quick glimpse …. just a peek at the cover of the new issue of the Bustle & Sew eMagazine – that’s the March issue – to be published on Thursday….

I think it’s rather pretty (though I say so myself) and I do hope you’ll enjoy the projects.  I haven’t quite finished putting the preview together yet (my pesky slow internet is holding things up), but I’ll post it tomorrow so you can have a proper look at the contents.  

And finally …. I can’t possibly post about decorating without including a picture of my canine “helper” ….

Daisy helps with the painting!

 Yes .. it’s that naughty Miss Daisy – complete with pink streak!


Did Miss Daisy help you paint your chair? She looks so innocent. The new issue looks wonderful.


Thanks Chris. Miss Daisy – innocent?!! I think not. If there’s any mischief going on she’s sure to be at the bottom of it!

Pam MacLennan

Cmon Mum this is soooo my colour. Gosh she is a character.
Love the new look for your kitchen, wouldn’t go down well in my house of men but I can dream.
Hope the flowering camelia is just the beginning of spring for you and the weather is improving.
Looking forward to the new issue of the mag, now to find some extra hours in the day to make everything!


I’ ve just found your blog and have enjoyed looking at your archive posts, with all your lovely sewing, delightful animals – both those you’ve made and those that live with you, and interesting snippets about where you live.
I’d love it if you would look at my blog about embroidery/parish life/work in an Oxford college library. http://www.addisonembroideryatthevicarage.co.uk


Daisy is just adorable – and the March issue of Bustle and Sew looks pretty good, too!
Please give Ben and Daisy a hug from me.


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