A root vegetable and a new rabbit …..

I must admit to having been a bit taken aback yesterday when I came downstairs to make breakfast.  I was going out later on and so I had decided to wear my beautiful new (very on-trend) ochre-coloured jersey top teamed with a lightweight khaki cardigan as the morning was a little chilly.  Feeling very pleased with my choices I entered the kitchen, only to be greeted by, “You’re not going out like that, are you Mum?” Feeling, as I said, a little taken aback, I asked Rosie what the problem might be, to which she responded … “Well, your top is very nice, and so is your cardigan, but putting the two together makes you look like a root vegetable!”  I must admit, NOBODY in my entire life has ever called me a root vegetable before and for once I was lost for words.  I stood my ground and didn’t retreat upstairs to change, though I must admit to spending the day wondering if other people were looking at me and thinking “goodness me, that woman looks just like a root vegetable!”

I’ve never stitched a root vegetable, though my Fuzzy Rabbit pattern features a little bunny clasping his carrot very firmly in his two front paws …..


And I think these hoops with felted vegetables from Veselka at Little Herb Bouquet are AMAZING!  Who knew vegetables could look so good?!

But, leaving carrots and other root vegetables behind, and returning to rabbits … I have always loved stitching these endearing furry creatures. There’s a rabbit in the November Bustle & Sew Magazine ……

Along with his friend the fox – two Chic Pom Pom Cushions.  These are definitely quick makes and would be perfect for a child’s room, nursery or baby shower gift. I also finished my mugs and succulents hand embroideries ….

Which will also be in the November Magazine.  And finally, thank you so much to everyone who commented on my last post about quilting.  I was so interested to read everyone’s point of view, and will definitely check out the slow quilting websites – I’m not sure why they hadn’t come up in my Googling!  I do agree though, that there’s room for both slow and quick stitching projects, sometimes you simply need to come up with something for a special occasion – possibly, if you’re anything like me – in a bit of a hurry!


Awwwww, that wasn’t nice, hope you forgave her, Mind you. I once told a friend my friend Ginny she looked like a tree. She tried on a pair of a green shoes in a shoe shop but she was wearing brown trousers and a flowery top, the green shoes looked like the grass. She looked at herself in the shop mirror and laughed, and said I see what you mean. She didn’t buy the shoes.

Julie xxxxxxxx


Haha – that’s funny! Yes of course I forgave her – in an instant – once I’d stopped laughing of course!


How funny of Rosie! Your rabbit is so cute with his carrot. I am a proud owner of 2 of your spring bunnies and I like them so well I did not store them away after spring. Your softies are so clever!


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