A strange, subdued time

It has been a strange and subdued time here in the UK for the last 10 days while we pay our respects, and await the funeral, of our late Queen Elizabeth.  As we sit in our garden we can see the Union flag fluttering at half mast over the village church – I tried to photograph it (first image) but I don’t think you’ll be able to make it out very well, if at all I’m afraid.

It’s almost as though summer itself fled away when the Queen died – it has become very autumnal since then.  The days are much shorter now, whilst shrubs and hedgerows are jewelled with berries – the centre picture above is our old fashioned rose, smothered in bright red hips.  The geese are flying over our house too as they migrate to their winter feeding grounds.  A couple of evenings ago we heard the most deafening honking noises, and then the swish of wings as a flock of probably a hundred or more geese descended upon the field next to our house.  I photographed them the next morning before they left, but again I don’t think you can see them very well.

We are preparing for autumn indoors too.  Lightweight quilts have been packed away as the nights grow chilly, whilst our snug, where I sit and sew, or work on my laptop, in the colder months looks very cosy now….

Complete with dozing labrador – dreaming of long muddy walks and then returning to toast his toes in front of the flames when the wood burner is lit once more!  My stitching has taken an autumnal turn too with a collection of colourful fungi….

The pattern will be in the October Bustle & Sew Magazine. Meanwhile, in a change from my planned project,  I have decided to remember (and thank) Her Majesty with a design (very) loosely based on the royal coat of arms.  Here’s a bit of a peep….

As you can see, I’ve only just begun, but will be back next week with the finished project ready for inclusion in the next (October) Bustle & Sew Magazine.


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