A visit to Mells Walled Garden

Earlier this year – in the July issue of the magazine, we featured the Walled Garden at Mells.  It’s a beautiful, magical place and, as the forecast for today was warm and sunny Rosie and I decided to make one last visit before it closes next month for the winter …


Although it’s fair to say that the garden is past its high summer best, there’s still plenty to enjoy ….


The lily pond and a beautiful dovecote.  I do like the iron railings too – they would be perfect installed around my borders to keep those naughty newfies off my flowers.  Sadly however, I have a feeling the length required would make them far too expensive.  I can dream though!  It’s lovely to wander along the terrace and look across the fields …


Though we had a particular destination in mind – the pretty little courtyard cafe where we settled down at one of the tables, covered in a cheerful red gingham cloth to enjoy a lovely lunch.  (and cake too haha!)

IMG_1262We felt very summery, though the apple trees told us otherwise – the table next to us was struck by a windfall – which luckily didn’t land on any of the diners.  But still, it really is autumn now, and I’ve been working on the October Magazine this week.  One of my favourite patterns so far are these little Forest Friends slippers …


And I’ve also included a template for a raccoon after checking to see if anyone would like one (they would!) with our new Customers Club over on Facebook.

If you’re a member of our Club you’ll already know, and if you’re not, then here’s a quick heads up to let you know that we’ll be celebrating the publication of the70th (yes really!) issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine at the end of next month.  Rosie has lots of events planned – it’s all very exciting and I can hardly wait!  Watch this space for more news nearer the time!


Aw, thanks so much Linda – they are very comfortable. Rosie tried to snaffle them, but she’s a larger size than me – and I made mine to fit myself haha!! She’ll have to make her own instead xx


The fence around the pond at the Walled Garden is made by the wonderful Straysparks. http://www.straysparks.com/
John also makes gorgeous garden sculptures, which would be a bit more affordable than a whole fence. (I have one which I love)
Probably not as good at keeping the dogs out of the flower bed though…


Such lovely work – but you’re right perhaps not the best for stopping Ben trampling over my flowers! x


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