All done – ready for tomorrow!

The last week of the month is always a bit of an anxious time for me as I put the finishing touches to the magazine and press the “upload” button.  And this month’s is a bumper issue with more than 70 pages – that’s because there are a couple of larger projects included – part one of my Nativity set as well as my Winter’s Comfort Quilt:

I am delighted to report that all is now finished and the October issue is safely uploaded ready to mail to subscribers tomorrow, though I am feeling all worn out – though in a good sort of way.  In contrast, now the cooler weather has arrived, my two large and furry friends are positively bursting with energy – here they are enjoying a romp in one of the fields above the village during a recent morning walk:

They’re sleeping now after an afternoon spent with Donna, their canine beautician.  They are both incredibly fluffy, soft to touch and smell disgusting delightful!  (They are quite disgusted with the outcome, though they love Donna, and once they’ve recovered their energy I’m sure they’ll be doing their best to return to their normal scruffy states!)


Wonderful ezine, Helen! I think this might be my favorite so far!! Hmmmm…Do I always say that?!
X Linda


Thank you Helen for my lovely October E-zine!! I appreciate receiving it!!

Thank you so much!!


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