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August is, I always think, the month when the seasons begin to change again.  On the one hand the summer holidays are still in full swing, the sun is warm and the drowsy buzzing of the honey bees that smother my lavender plants makes a delightful soundtrack to an afternoon spent stitching in the summer house.  But there are late summer sunflowers in my lovely mother-of-the-bride jug and the roses in my garden are long past their best.  The fields are golden and farmers are bringing in the harvest late into the night ….

And the Newfies (who have watched far too many nature programmes) are pretending to be lions of the Serengeti stalking through the long grass up at Woodleigh woods …

Though these are apple trees, not acacia, there are green Devon fields in the background, and blackberries ripening in the hedgerows …

Autumn is only just around the corner.  But September is also a time of new beginnings, and we are definitely going to enjoy our new family member through the autumn months.  Tilly visited us last week and was very surprised to see the size of her new “cousins” the newfies …..

Doesn’t she have ENORMOUS ears!  Hope she grows into them!  Daisy absolutely LOVED her, and has appointed herself Tilly’s new “mum”.  They made friends straight away, and it was so comical to watch Daisy following her around making sure Tilly didn’t come to any harm.

And there are new beginnings at Bustle & Sew too.  I think I’ve already mentioned that Rosie is joining me to help make the website even nicer and the Magazine even bigger and better.  We have been playing around with all sorts of ideas and thought it would be nice to have a questions and answers session called “Ask the Bunny” from time to time.  We’ll include some on the blog here, as well as longer answers in the magazine……

But before we can prepare our answers – we need some questions!! So if there’s anything you’d like to ask – whether it’s about sewing techniques, patterns, materials 0r perhaps life here in Devon, living with newfies, setting up your website, running your own crafty business or anything else then please do contact me with your question.  I can’t guarantee I’ll have an answer, but perhaps another reader will know …..

Just leave a comment below or email me to “Ask the Bunny” and next week I’ll be back with a question and answer post for you to enjoy.


Thank you, I really look forward to your emails!

Yes, I for one would love to hear more about your life in Devon. As in do you have neighbors close by, do you know your neighbors, are you very isolated from others, how far away from town and market, beach and so on! Do you have a lot of services handy to you, like medical, shopping, food? I’m fascinated with your area and your country and would love to know more! And how far is Rosie from you? Thank youuuuuu!


How adorable that Daisy likes Tilly, what did Ben think of her? Love the beautiful photo of the sunflowers in the jug; reminds me of the enormous amount of sunflowers we used to grow for cutting and selling to the public. We tried to grow a range of sunflowers from gorgeous double, double Teddy Bear ones right through to the tall gigantic headed ones with creams, reds and chocolate coloured ones in the range too.
I once hung some sunflowers up in a tree to dry out the seeds and our naughty Springer Spaniel jumped up and managed to pull them down and trailed them all around the garden, the next year we had a forest of sunflowers LOL.
I do have a question for Ask the Bunny – I would love to make a cushion cover using clam shells. I’ve watched a few videos on how-to but they begged more questions than answers. Such as where can I purchase a template/die of a clamshell? I see that Sizzix do one in what they call unfinished which presumably means with seam allowance so is there a smaller template/die to cut out the paper shapes? I definitely need paper shapes otherwise they would not resemble clam shells!!
Using the methods in the videos do you then sew the completed piece to a backing? Sorry if these are silly questions!!

Many thanks
Lynn xx


Have just discovered you and having becoming a new member just last week have already completed my first project – and I think I can say it has turned out well.
My question for the bunny is:
If I want to sell my makes how do I work out what is a reasonable price? Do you have any advice?
Julia x


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