Bantham Beach, Burgh Island and a free tutorial

I thought you might like to see some photos of Bantham Beach and Burgh Island which are just 20 minutes away from Coombe Leigh. 

Bantham is a large sandy beach much favoured by surfers, and Burgh Island features a stunning Art Deco Hotel – the white building you can see in the photos – which was the setting for one of Agatha Christie’s novels “And Then There Were None.” Bantham is about 8 miles from where we live, so as Townie Husband was at the rugby, Ben and I decided to head off in that direction for a nice walk before dog beach restrictions commence on 1 May…. 


You have to walk down along the river to the beach.  I kept stopping to take photos and my canine companion was getting a little impatient!  Rather than Agatha Christie, this part of Devon reminds me of the children’s author Enid Blyton – I can just imagine the Famous Five having an adventure along the river banks!! 

Burgh Island

Then the path drops down through the sand dunes towards the beach and you can see Burgh Island in the distance.  Can you see a black tail waving happily too? 

Burgh Island

 Then the island seems to rise up in front of you.  The angle of this shot is deceptive though as you will see …

Bantham Beach

Once you scramble down the cliffs, Bantham beach opens up in front of you and Burgh Island is a very long way away!  You can’t actually walk to it from Bantham as the rive crosses the beach and the water is too deep and swift to cross. 

Bantham Beach

 So Ben contents himself with paddling in the shallow warm pools left by the receding tide.  The sand is covered in ripples from the waves and is great to run around on …

Ben meets some new friends

 Especially when you’ve made some new friends.  The little pug attacking Ben’s right back paw was absolutely fearless – and only 5 months old!  There weren’t very many people on the beach at all as the weather was quite chilly and there had been lots of heavy, thundery showers … 

Bantham Beach

 Luckily these clouds passed overhead without dumping their load of rain on top of us.  This was good as there is absolutely nowhere to shelter once you’re out on the sands.

Looking back towards land

Looking back the way we came .. we walked a very long way indeed.  And someone’s paws became tired and he wanted to go home for tea.


 So we did!! (My legs were tired too.)

But before I end this post – I am easily pleased by little things – don’t you just love Ben’s bus ticket from his birthday – picture and all?!

 Ben's ticket

And excellent value at 70p – for a whole day’s travel!! 

Oh, and thinking about birthdays – I have put together a quick and easy tutorial for Stitch and Flip – the technique I used to make the squares for Ben’s birthday topper.  You can download it free here.  An extended version, together with additional tips on problem-solving in free-motion quilting from Leah Day is in the May Issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine – out tomorrow. 

So you have only 24 hours left to subscribe and receive the April Issue immediately followed by May’s Issue tomorrow – plus “The Stitcher’s Companion” as your joining gift.  That’s $40-worth of goodies for your first $5.50 payment – but only for 24 hours! 

To learn more please click here.


I love Ben’s bus ticket! The day out looks like great fun too! (Probably because I can’t feel how cold it was).

Deborah Jennings

What beautiful country that is! I would love to see this sometime. Maybe on a cruise or something similar. I love the beach. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to live on the beach, but I do love visiting!


We went to Burgh Island, longtime before the hotel was renovated and the boys were small! Lovely memories! Looks like Ben is having a wonderful birthday week!
Julie xxxxxxxxx


Ben certainly looks radiant during his special beach outing! Your photos captured outstanding views, and I could almost feel the rippled sand on the the soles of my feet. Now, when I re-read ” And Then There Were None”, I’ll have a better idea of the beautiful setting! Thanks so much, Helen!
I love Ben’s bus ticket…makes me smile…! He certainly had a very special birthday!
Thanks so much for the Stitch & Flip tutorial! It’s definitely a wonderful way to make use of all the lovely fabric in my scrap box, and I will definitely give it a try!
X Linda
PS. Anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s magazine


Ruby hasn’t been on a bus yet; I wonder if Somerset has such cute dog tickets. You were lucky with the weather for your outing. Poor Ruby is going to need to grow webbed feet like Ben’s if this rain keeps up.


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