Ben’s Birthday Treat!

This has been a very exciting week for my two furry friends!  Next month brings a milestone birthday for Ben as he will be ten – yes TEN – whole years old, a good achievement for a giant breed dog.  Although he’s a fair bit slower than he used to be and tires more easily, he’s still a very cheerful and active sort of dog who loves his walks, his little sister and most of all his food bowl!

Both Newfies have settled in well to their new lives here in Somerset, have made lots of friends and discovered lots of lovely walks close by, but it’s fair to say I think that we all miss the Devon beaches.  And so what better birthday treat for Master Benjamin than to take him and Miss Daisy back down to the South Hams to see old friends and visit our favourite beaches.  We were very lucky with the weather – though there was a chilly breeze the skies were blue ….

And the water was most inviting – definitely warm enough for a swim….

If you’re a Newfie of course!  “Come on in Mum, it’s lovely!” they seemed to be calling ….

But I pretended I couldn’t hear them, and eventually they came back out to see what the attraction of sitting on the shingle might be (could’ve been my fish and chips perhaps haha!).

Here’s the (nearly) birthday boy himself …..

Looking just as handsome as ever – in his opinion at least! And his baby sister …..

Who was particularly pleased to be back in the sea again.  She still hasn’t quite got the hang of swimming in our local lakes and ponds, finding it very hard to remember that you have to stop paddling before you crash into the bank on the opposite side(!).

But it hasn’t been all play – I’ve been working very hard on the April edition of the Bustle & Sew Magazine ….

Which is absolutely stuffed with lovely spring projects.  There are quite a lot of bunnies (I’m sure you’d expect nothing less from me!) Rosie has contributed some absolutely moreish chocolate recipes, and we look at layer cakes and jelly rolls in our article on demystifying precuts.  We feature two very talented stitchers in our Meet the Maker features this month, and there’s lots more to enjoy between the covers as well.  I’m still just finishing it off – working on the index and final pattern – so I’ll be back with a full preview in a few days.  And, exclusively for subscribers, there’s the chance to purchase one or two samples, some baby bunnies and your own limited edition Mrs Molly Rabbit kit too.  If you’re not a subscriber and would like to learn more then please CLICK HERE to visit our magazine page.


Glenna C. D.

I was so pleased to see that Ben and Miss Daisy got to go to the beach this spring. They look so happy to be there, even though I am sure they are glad to be near Freddie, just as you are.


Aw yes Glenna, they absolutely adore Freddie – who in his turn loves them very much indeed. When he arrives at my house he goes in search of them calling “Bear! Bear!” (I am not sure if he thinks they really are bears or if he’s just trying to say “Ben”). xx

Pam MacLennan

Happy Birthday Ben, still as handsome as ever despite the advancing years. My Border Collie (whose name is Bounce) is now 12 and has slowed down considerably. Arthritis has a lot to do with it but he also hates the heat and so we get him shaved each summer to cope with the heat here in NZ. Yesterday he was the only one out of the three dogs who was lying out in the rain!!!
Lovely to see you all enjoying your visit to the seaside.


Bless him! Yes, Ben and Daisy’s underneaths are shaved back – but their groomer (a lovely lady called Michelle) leaves them little fringes at the sides to save their blushes haha! xx

Ms. Jimmie Lou Clements

I love your beautiful Newfoundland dogs and reading about their adventures brightens my day. Thank you for sharing their photos and stories. My 135 pound, Black Lab mix, Buster, was a gentle giant who lived for 11 years. Out of all the rescued dogs and cats that I have raised and cared for until their death, this precious boy stole my heart. I still weep when I look back over his photos. Bless your heart for raising two very large, amazing dogs.


Buster sounds adorable, I do love labradors, nearly as much as Newfies! I’m so pleased you enjoy the tales of my terrible twosome – watch out for Ben’s birthday pawty next month!!

STACEY Gehrman

So nice to see the pictures of Ben and Daisy and to see how well Ben is doing.


Aw, thanks Stacey, yes he’s not bad at all for an elderly giant breed dog – I’m hoping he’ll be with me for a while longer yet.


Helen, I so love your magazine, sharing of the Newfies and your life with your daughter and Freddie. I feel like we are old friends and I so love that. I hope all of you enjoyed your time. Thank you for sharing your love with all of us. Deb


Aw, that’s so lovely of you Deb. I have “met” so many nice people through Bustle & Sew, it’s such a privilege to be able to connect with other people in this way. xxx


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