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Sometimes it’s hard to decide what I’d like to blog about – when life has picked up pace and so much has been crammed into a few short days – and now is one of those times.  Should I tell you about the tremendous thunderstorm we had here? The lights went out, the roof leaked and the flagstones were covered with enormous hailstones (which enchanted my furry friends when they went outside to investigate after the storm had passed)….

Or I could tell you about our wedding preparations .. Rosie and I spent a long time working on the invitations and maps on Saturday afternoon.  At last they’re finished to both our satisfactions and we’re eagerly anticipating their return from the printers very soon indeed ….

Then there’s my new Woodland Alphabet Quilt.  It’s destined to be a gift for friends who have just learned they’ll be bringing home a new baby boy very soon.  They’ve been waiting for adoption for quite some time and so I wanted to make a special present.  It’s still very much a work in progress, but here’s a quick snap of the first few blocks….

Not the best picture I’m afraid – I snapped it very quickly with my phone.  But I’ll take more photographs as I go along, and the finished project will be in the April issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.  Which sort of leads me onto my final piece of news … the March issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine is now available in paperback form from Amazon …..

CLICK HERE to see it on and

CLICK HERE for the magazine on


Looks like snow rather than hail, take it the hailstones were quite large….
The alphabet looks intriguing
Julie xxxxxxx


Lovely to read about how you are doing – lots of different news – the quilt looks fabulous – is it wedding stuff with the pretty floral paperwork on the table? So pretty – I want to come to the wedding just to see all the things you have designed and made for it!!
I am assuming that having the magazine in printed format is a cause for celebration – it would be for me – congratulations – how do you feel about it? You don’t say.

The hail looks huge – when my daughter was about 5 yrs old it hailed huge huge hailstones and she had not seen hail before and she said “look mummy popcorn.” We lived in Ottawa Ontario then.


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