Bustle & Sew Magazine – heading towards a hundred!

Alongside lots of extra stitching for the Etsy Made Local Fair in Bristol next month, I’ve been working on new designs for the December edition of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.  That edition will be issue 96 – which means our centenary edition is beginning to loom on the horizon.

When I began our magazine way back in 2011, as a little publication of just three patterns and a few articles, I had absolutely no idea how it would grow and develop over the years!  These days we include not three but SIX patterns in every issue, as well as lots of features, articles and other bits and pieces too – and though the sewing is of course at the heart of it all, we have expanded to reflect our love of the countryside, our homes and our families.  (I say “our” because of course my daughter Rosie joined me here at Bustle & Sew in 2014.)

Above is the first issue of 2018 that included a wide range of techniques and project ideas, as well as Rosie’s recipes and lots more too.  And, as the seasons change around my little stone cottage here on the edge of the Mendip Hills just south of the beautiful world heritage city of Bath, so the magazine keeps pace with the world around us….

In June there were flowers, deckchairs and picnic ideas too, while last month there were some seasonal ideas in the project mix….

And I think I can safely say that there will be more in the December issue too!  Which sort of brings me nicely to the question I wanted to ask regarding our centenary issue.  We’d like to make this a very special edition, so is there anything in particular you’d like to see included?  Any previous patterns perhaps that you’d like to see updated for today’s fashions and trends?  Any sewing topics you’d like me to research – or more or less of any existing features perhaps?

I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts so please do email me (helen at bustleandsew.com) or leave a comment below.

Meanwhile, we do have a special offer available on our Christmas issues at the moment…..

Six editions for just $20 (saving 80% on purchasing them individually).  You can find all our back issues in-store HERE – or if you’d like to learn more about subscribing then please just CLICK HERE to see our subscriptions page.

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