Cold on the beach today

Brrr .. it was a bit chilly here this morning!  Yes, I know that it’s not really cold here – certainly when compared to the Arctic temperatures the USA has been enduring – but we hardly ever even get a frost down here in Devon, so we’re a bit wussy about the cold.  On days like today it’s good to linger in bed just a little while longer, especially when I’m working on such a pretty project ….

… little bunny Valentines – from the same template I used for the projects in this month’s Bustle & Sew Magazine

My little bunny Valentines are destined for a giveaway – coming very soon to this blog and the Bustle & Sew Facebook page …watch out for details!  But I’m never allowed to linger in bed for very long – the Newfies are always keen to get out, especially as I’d promised them that we’d go to the beach today.  It was very cold at Lannacombe, though nice and sunny and we had the beach to ourselves ….

Rosie loves Lannacombe beach, so she was very much in my thoughts as I walked with the dogs – and then I realised …..

Only 5 months until her wedding day!! Eeeek!! There’s still so much to plan and do – I simply don’t know where the time is running away to!


We both have wedding in the air! Hope the weather warms up for us both.
Looks lovely on Lannacombe. Whenever we were staying with my parents when they lived in Dittisham we used to stroll to the Ham before breakfast!
Looking forward to the magazine on Thursday.

Kathleen Robertson

Just downloaded my mag and had a quick scroll through, I could sit here all morning looking at it, but that doesn’t get the chores done LOL Thanks for letting us know about the issues you will be taking off the website, I bought a copy of issue 18 just now, just love the parrot pattern. So two mags to sit and indulge in, I feel spoiled 🙂


Hello Helen,
I’ve just downloaded the February issue but haven’t had time to have a good look through it yet. It looks absolutely fabulous at first glance/ Thank you very much.
I do hope your knee is much better now.


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