Coming on Thursday … the May Magazine

First of all, thank you once again to everyone who sent birthday wishes to Master Benjamin who has now reached the grand old age of TEN!!  I am pleased to report that he had a most enjoyable day, which included lots of his favourite peanut butter treats and visiting with two of his best friends Merlin and Bentley the spaniels.  After all the fun it was time to settle down and get on with some sewing, ready for the May edition of the Bustle & Sew Magazine that’s published this week ….

… finishing off the trim on my Beautiful Bugs cushion cover.  I did take a little time off from my stitching though to visit our local garden centre where they were having a sale, and came home with something I have desired for quite some time ….

A traditional terracotta rhubarb forcer!  I am rather fond of rhubarb (Rosie has included our family recipe for rhubarb cake in the new issue) and have always wanted to try forcing it for an early crop!  I’ll let you know how I get on next spring, but for now the forcer is empty – though still, I think, very pleasing to the eye.  Look at the blossoms emerging on my tiny apple tree too – I hope the frosts that are forecast for the next couple of nights don’t damage them.  The May Magazine is full of springtime delights too ….

As usual there are six Bustle & Sew patterns ( we have kits available for the unicorn and dinosaur softies, just CLICK HERE to learn more).  And for a quick peep between the covers please just click below:


If you’re a subscriber then do watch out for this issue arriving in your inbox bright and early on Thursday.  If you’re not a subscriber and would like to find out more then please just CLICK HERE to visit our magazine page.

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