Daisy makes me laugh!

I have had a busy sort of a morning today.  When Rosie and Dan moved into their new house, amongst other things I gave them the sofa from my workroom.  This has left a big space and so I’ve been sorting and rearranging – in between beginning the May issue of the Magazine and continuing wedding preparations.  

I have finally(!) learned how to thread my overlocker and am now knee deep in napkin making – from some lovely vintage fabric offcuts I was given by an elderly lady who comes to our Pensioners’ Lunch Club.  She used to do a lot of dressmaking and knows how much I love textiles ….

There’s a selection of lovely Liberty prints amongst them that I think will make beautiful napkins – and we’re planning to use the scraps to make tiny bags of confetti, so every little piece will be used – they’re far too nice to waste.  My French Hens (pattern available here) are sitting on top of the currently very small stack of completed napkins – I’ve stitched nine and “only” have another seventy-one to go!!  But I was quite distracted by the postman’s knock and the arrival of the April issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine – in paperback form ….

Always an exciting moment!  I’m listing the paperback magazine on Amazon every month now and the April issue is now available to purchase on both Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.  I positioned the magazine carefully on my crochet blanket to photograph for you – then sat down, camera still in hand, to have a flick through its pages.  

When – Daisy did make me laugh!  She clearly heard the camera and her furry black head popped up out of nowhere – with an expression that seemed to say …..

“Here I am!  I’m just so pretty! Photograph Me, ME, MEEEEEEE!!!”  

She just can’t stand not being the centre of attention – but oh, she did make me laugh – and of course I did photograph her!


When we photograph one of my cats (I have two) all we get is “the stink eye”, he is EXPERT at the stink eye.


She is soooo cute! I love how my hound pup makes me laugh everyday too! Priceless.


You either have wonderfully patient dogs or a really decent camera! I always seem to photograph Ruby just as she’s turned away. I love the idea of proper napkins for your daughter’s wedding, but you’ll be so sick of them once it comes along. I’m tempted to get an overlocker for my dressmaking.


No, I have a great line in really silly – and totally captivating to canines – noises!! I am very much enjoying making the napkins, my main concern is what do we do with them afterwards? There’s only so many you can incorporate into a quilt!! As a new overlocker owner I would totally recommend getting one – it has transformed my dressmaking – and I’ve plans to use it for all sorts of other things too. xx


Hi Helen,
I love the April issue of B & S but I’m afraid Miss Daisy tends to eclipse everything rather as she is, as you say, just SO pretty! She has such an endearing face. I think you need a medal for being able to conjure up such an inspiring magazine every month with Ben and Daisy ‘helping’. Thank you so much for all your hard work – B & S is definitely the best, most fun, sewing magazine by far.
Our two German Shepherd girls make us laugh constantly with their antics, too, so you are not on your own!


Aw, thanks Diana, I’m so pleased you’re enjoying the magazine, and yes, you’re right, our puppies do bring a lot of joy into our lives xx


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