Dream it, Do it … Floss and Mischief

Each month in the magazine we feature a small business whose owner has taken the plunge, left their full-time job and dived headfirst into the world of commerce, creating a successful enterprise from a hobby or passion.  And in the September issue we were delighted to feature Genevieve of Floss and Mischief ….


Whose business began in a most unusual way!  Floss & Mischief originally came about because of an argument about taxidermy! Genevieve’s boyfriend wanted to fill the house with very on-trend stuffed and mounted insects, but she put her foot down as she felt it would just be too creepy. To make up for the disappointment and as a peace offering she wanted to cross-stitch some beetles for him, but couldn’t
find any suitable cross-stitch patterns. So she designed her own, totally unique beetles that are quite unlike any other patterns on the market.  Today, Floss & Mischief still rocks the taxidermy trend and keeps putting a modern twist on needlework.


As well as kits and patterns featuring Genevieve’s designs, Floss and Mischief also carries a range of needlework accessories together with a great idea – thread art …flm03

Black and white photographs enhanced with a some carefully positioned colourful stitching.  If you’d like to see more of Genevieve’s work then please do head over to Floss and Mischief,  while you can keep up to date with all her latest stitchy news on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks so much for being part of the September Magazine Genevieve.

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